Sunday, February 28, 2010

The Drive-Thru Ice Cream Parlor

When spring training for Our Washington Nationals ended early today due to the full uniform photo shoot, The African Queen and I headed over to the beaches of Cocoa, Satellite & Melbourne to take in the view for the remainder of the afternoon. Incredibly, folks were actually in the water when the temperature has not reached 60 degrees since we arrived on Thursday evening. That's cold, folks. But the coldest and best sight, by far, was driving south on the A1A (Intercoastal highway) and running into The Drive-Thru Ice Cream Parlor in Melbourne.

Yes, a Drive-Thru Ice Cream Parlor.

Moo's Soft Serve is apparently some sort of local institution here. In what appears to be a converted gasoline & service station, the cash only operation stands out for its cow motif and for what appears to be a former work bay now the drive-thru. Passing by and seeing this oddity is just something Sohna and I couldn't pass up. Now, there is nothing fancy about Moo's Soft Serve. Not a lot of modern technology. You don't order through a speaker placed beside an electronic price list. Instead, drive-thru service is manual, one car at a time. The menu is placed on a surfboard seen while waiting in line. Once your turn comes, drive up, order directly through the window and wait until your ice cream is handed directly to you through a small window.

The locals claim Moo's serves original soft serve ice cream--whatever that means. But we can vouch for the fact the experience was worth the few dollars spent on enjoying a unique experience. Interestingly, we decided to finish our ice cream on Moo's makeshift Walk-Up Customer Porch which includes Surfboards as tables. And ran into two other visitors from Washington, D.C. Lifelong residents who got a total kick out of the fact we were down in Florida to watch Spring Training of Our Washington Nationals. They had no idea D.C.'s Baseball team practiced nearby.

Yet interestingly, the first thing out of their mouths when noticing the Red Curly "W" Cap on top of my head: "How's that Strasburg guy working out? Is he the savior?"

The Pied Piper of Our Washington Nationals had made an impact, again.

And these folks weren't really baseball fans. They only wanted the best for their hometown city.

Incredible how amazingly small the world can be sometimes.

Talking Nationals Baseball At The Drive-Thru Ice Cream Parlor In Melbourne, Florida. Who would have thought that?

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