Wednesday, February 24, 2010

The Return

Returning to town after a whirlwind four days on assignment, The African Queen and I just started chuckling when we first heard that Our Washington Nationals had returned Livan Hernandez to their roster by signing him to a minor league contract. A deal that includes an invitation to Major League Camp in Spring Training. There is no question, we will always hold a soft spot in our hearts for that big Cuban because there is an entertainment factor to any of his appearances that goes well beyond the actual game itself. He's fun to watch, win or lose.

It is also safe to say Livo is on the down side of his professional career. But his signing should not hinder another Washington prospect's development.

"Livan may be old," Sohna believes, "but he could help out in some way. What is he suppose to do? Roll over and play dead?"

I love that statement because despite what some may believe, Livan's not going to take away a job from any youngster's promise. What Livan Hernandez will do is push them and, hopefully, make each of them better. As stated the other day--to be a Major League Baseball player and have success--you must have confidence in yourself. If any of these "Young Guns" are afraid of that challenge--from an aging veteran--then they better start looking inwardly at themselves and find the proper strength to move forward with their own careers.

Livan Hernandez will not hinder any of them, only help them in their development.

Old Number 61 was signed to a non-guaranteed contract. That's a return well worth taking a flyer on.

Photo Credit--Rex Arbogast (AP)


natsfan1a said...

Welcome back, Livo!

Sam R said...

Livo will always be welcomed in a Nats uniform!

Take Me Out To The Ballgame!


Unknown said...

I had been wonderng all winter why the Nats seemed to be refusing to give Livo a contract. Yes, he's in the final years of his career, and he doesn't have the best stuff anymore, but if nothing else you can almost guarantee he's good for 200 innings. He and Marquis will provide a good veteran presence to the younger pitchers, and hopefully Livo can teach them how to bunt...

DND said...

Long live Livo