Thursday, February 18, 2010

Injury Bug Strikes Early

The fact that the first formal workout of spring has yet to take place and one of Our Washington Nationals prized young pitchers--not named Stephen Strasburg--has gone down to an injury is stunning. When I read that Ross Detwiler had surgery three days ago in Vail, Colorado to repair a torn hip flexor--it just brought back memories of Washington's ever rotating injury list of players that have come before him these past five years.

Too many to name, too sad to really hash over again.

Injuries happen and only patience can be shown for those players in recovery, but from inside the fish bowl watching--why has it always seemed as if Our Washington Nationals players come down with more injuries than other teams? Of course, it was also reported today that former National Joel Hanrahan will have further diagnosis on a recurring elbow strain to his right pitching arm. An issue that will cost Hanrahan his entire spring training and an Opening Day roster spot with The Pittsburgh Pirates. So yes, every team does have injuries.

As for Ross--Detwiler now out of baseball mode for a good three months. And to think, this could have been Ross' first real season to shine. His ray of hope now dimmed and placed on the back burner to rehab. But remember, every injury loss gives opportunity for someone else to rise and be noticed. That's the only glimmer of hope to take from anyone's misfortune.

The Injury Bug Strikes Early this season--hopefully few others to follow.

Sohna and I are keeping our fingers crossed.

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natsfan1a said...

That was quite a blow as we gear up for the start of spring training. I wish him well in his recovery.

SenatorNat said...

This could very well open up a rotation spot for Matt Chico who was featured by Chico Harlen this week as someone rotating back from his own injury and surgery. The Nats have a true revolving wheel for pitchers going under the knive and rehabilitating back (hopefully) into form. Hard to know whether this team has experienced an inordinate amount of such injuries to pitchers - or whether the modern pitcher is just more susceptible to such problems.

Olsen and Wang obviously would not be Nationals had they stayed healthy - so, in some instances the injuries are the reason they are available.

The good thing about acknowledging Detwiler's torn hip labrum now and dealing with it is that is gives team the prospect of his availability at least after the season's mid-point. Much preferred to forcing him to tough it out with disasterous results. Out of the large group at Spring Training on the 40-Man roster, Nats should be able to fill-out the final two spots in the rotation behind Marquis; Lannan; Olsen with pitchers who will perform adequately or even better: probably Stammen, Mock, and as said, Chico.

Trust in Chico, and Chico, and the Man (Stan). All better.

FLNatsFan said...

Since their players keep getting injured on a consistent basis, wouldn't the next logical move be to replace the strength and conditioning coach. When problems like these occur consistently, it's usually more than just bad luck, it's poor conditioning.

Screech's Best Friend said...

The Nationals changed a majority of their medical and training staff before the 2009 season.