Sunday, February 28, 2010

Maybe, Our Favorite Quote Of The Day--Ever

Livan Hernandez is throwing a bullpen session this morning and holding court at the same time. About 15 fans are lined up on the sidewalk watching Ole' Number 61 throw his usual loop de loop stuff. At the same time, a few of those watching are throwing comments toward Livo and the friendly Cuban is responding. He's having as much fun as the fans.

Near the end of the session, Livan looks in toward his bullpen catcher--Nilson Robledo--and says: "Curve ball, dropping down in front of the plate."

As he begins his motion, a fan speaks up and calmly says:

"Is that because you have great command?"

And as Livo is about to plant his left foot and deliver the baseball, the same man continues perfectly timed with:

"Or, is that because you don't have enough strength to get the ball there?"

You have never heard The Big Cuban laugh so loud!! He breaks off the delivery and nearly can't control his laughter. Slightly leaned over, but still chuckling, Livan Hernandez responds: "That's cold, but very, very funny!!" (his accent made the entire event even better).

Then Ole' Number 61 continued on with his bullpen as if nothing ever happened.

Maybe, Our Favorite Quote Of The Day--Ever.

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Positively Half St. said...


Delivered like no other. Well done.

Dismiss naysayers- that was great.

natsfan1a said...

That's classic. Lovin' Livo, as always.

And what PHS said.