Sunday, February 28, 2010

Some Thoughts From Jordan Zimmermann

“I am doing alright. I feel good and I am in no pain," said Jordan Zimmermann. "I am up to throwing from 105 feet and having no problems. Things are really going well. I do feel good.”

Jordan Zimmermann started 2009 as a bright spot for Our Washington Nationals. A rookie pitcher with the arsenal and moxie to stand on the mound and challenge any hitter. A early fan favorite, Zimmermann was fearless. And like most first year Big Leaguers had his ups and downs battling against some of the best batters in the game. Then, in late May, 2009, the team announced Jordan felt a discomfort in his elbow. A short time after that, Zimmermann was diagnosed with a torn elbow ligament in his right throwing arm. Tommy John Surgery was performed.

Zimmermann is now back in camp in Viera looking to resurrect his once blossoming pitching career. Once again throwing, Jordan hopes to be back on the mound soon and looking forward to joining a potential pitching rotation that will eventually include Stephen Strasburg, John Lannan and Jason Marquis. A staff that could legitimately push Washington up in the standings.

Here are some thoughts from Jordan Zimmermann:

On when the injury occurred: “For about month, I was experiencing discomfort. I could pitch. My velocity was there. My control was there. But between innings my elbow got really tight. So I knew something wasn’t right. I got checked up and surgery was the result.”

On his current status: "I am throwing three days per week right now. I am active and that’s a whole lot better than not throwing at all. When I had the operation, I was in a cast for about three weeks. Then, it was taken off and I slowly began to move it here and there. But overall, the elbow feels good. It’s still a little stiff in the morning, but I just go to the hot tub and everything gets back to normal."

On coming back strong as before surgery: “They (the doctors) don’t really know. I don’t know, but I am doing all my work and preparing to get back on the field. I am confident of a strong return."

On possibly returning to pitching for Our Washington Nationals in 2010: “September, that’s my goal. I don’t know what their plans are (the team). But it’s when I want to be back. I am looking to be pitching off a mound in about a month, maybe. Then, I am not sure--maybe two months from now in a (rehab) game. After that, we shall see."

On a possible rotation with Strasburg, Lannan, Marquis and Zimmermann: "We have a good team this year and hopefully we can make a run to the playoffs and I can get in there in September and help them out. Next year, we could be even better. We’ve now got a lot of good players. He (Mike Rizzo) has been working hard and done a great job, I believe. Getting the quality of players we now have is a key start to having a good team.

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Positively Half St. said...


I know you usually share your entire interview, so you probably didn't ask, but do you know where Zimmermann will be to rehab until September?

Thanks for relaying that.

Screech's Best Friend said...

Positively Half Street--He doesn't know yet where he is going to be. He will start in extended spring training and go from there. Thanks