Saturday, February 27, 2010

The Mechanics Of Strasburg

Yeah, Stephen Strasburg can throw a baseball consistently in the reaches of 100 miles per hour. Everybody is talking about him. After watching The Pied Piper Of Our Washington Nationals throw today for the very first time--it was clear his mechanics were really solid.

Please start with the video above of Stephen pitching from the full windup.

Stands Tall To Begin.

Slight Leg Kick, But Nothing Major.

Wonderful Stride That's Not Too Long, Comfortable, Giving A Nearly Perfect Release Point. Notice How The Foot Plant Is Right In Line With His Arm Letting Go Of The Baseball

The Foot Plant Right Down The Middle Of The Mound. No Wasted Energy.

A Right Over The Top Delivery That Is Imposing From Any Mound.

Finishes Standing Nearly Straight Up--Ready To Field Any Hot Shot Back To The Mound.

Now, Stephen Strasburg from the stretch position.

Modified Stand-Up To Peer Over To A Runner On Base.

I Wouldn't Call It A Slide Step, But Strasburg Modifies His Leg Kick Slightly From The Stretch.

And He Dips Is Rear Leg Slightly More To Compensate For No Full Windup. Wonderful Windmill Motion That Creates Power.

Finishes Exactly Like His Windup.

Stands Tall Again To Recover Any Hot Shot Back To Mound.

It is hard for anyone to throw 100 miles per hour consistently. Stephen Strasburg can reach that range thanks to fine mechanics. He was taught well how to pitch. You can have all the talent in the world, but if you don't know how to use it, you will never be successful.

The Mechanics Of Strasburg are nearly flawless. That's where he harnesses his power. A real pleasure to watch him today for about 20 minutes during this session.

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Tom said...

Wow moving up the technology chain to video! Keep it up.