Wednesday, May 31, 2006

What's With The Nats Medical Staff

Has anyone noticed that every single time a National's Players gets hurt, that player is only going to be out for a couple of days, just a minor injury. Then, said player is out for 7-10 days and needs a cortisone shot. Finally, after its obvious the Nationals player can't even pick up his arm, The Nationals place the injured player on the 60-Day disabled list and is basically lost for the season. How incompetent can the medical staff be? I read that the Nationals decided to release Team Doctor, Bruce Thomas from his duties, but still continues to use the Cincinnati Reds Medical Doctor as their final say on all injuries. Because of these bad calls by the teams medical staff, John Patterson, Cristian Guzman, Pedro Astacio, Brian Lawrence, Ryan Drese and now Joey Eischen are lost for substantial periods of time. Eischen has been terrible all year, how come it took the staff 2 months to give him an MRI that shows he has a torn rotator cuff. How incompetent can you be? Thank Goodness the Reign of MLB is coming to an end and Professional Staff is arriving soon in Washington.

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