Saturday, May 27, 2006

LIVO LOOKED GREAT!! Nats win 6 of 7!!

Friday, May 25th Livan Hernandez looked like his old self. Lollipop curves, off speed crap that makes him so effective. The Dodgers were just lunging at everything for the first 6 innings. And, what's with the Nats!! Clutch 2 out run scoring hits in the past week. Its like watching good baseball again!! But despite the 10-4 score, we once again proved that NO LEAD is safe. Up 8-3, Eischen walks 2 hitters, forcing Frank to bring in Saul Rivera who Freezes KENT for a terrific BIG K!!. Then Stanton comes in to face one of the deadliest rookie hitters in the game in Ethier. After Ethier fouls of 5 straight 2 strike off speed pitches, Stanton drills a 90 MPH FASTBALL inside at the letters to send Ethier down looking. It was the defining moment in the game. I didn't think Stanton could reach 90 MPH!! Then, after Soriano hits his usual HOME RUN, Santiago Ramirez pitches for the Nats and does his best Chief Blown Save Situation by giving up a lead off homer to Cruz Jr, and loading up the bases, all with 2 outs and JD Drew at the plate. Cordero actually got up to warm up. And, if he had come into the game, I would have strangled FRANK. Chief has pitched 5 straight days. Fortunately, Drew decided to swing at the first pitch and sharply grounded to Vidro to end it. 6 of 7 sounds really nice. We are starting to look alot like the early part of last season. Zimmerman is going to be an outstanding all around player. Soriano continues to throw runners out trying to run of him. Alfonso is an EXCITING Player!

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