Saturday, May 27, 2006

Mrs. R and Daughter

As most of you might have noticed, Mrs Frank (Rachel) Robinson and beautful daughter ,Sharon, were sitting across from me in Section 321 row 4, seats 1 and 2 across the tunnel left from me. In row 2 of section 321 there was a 7 year old African American handicapped child with his father enjoying game. During the 5th inning, Sharon went down to the dugout, motioned to Frank Robinson and 5 minutes later returned with a signed Frank Robinson baseball for the kid. Sohna and I applauded her as she returned to her seat and she nodded her approval. After the game, I went up to Mrs R and Sharon and mentioned what a nice gesture it was. Sharon responded she just had to do it for them and "We need all the young fans we can get" Rachel said she enjoys our noise and gets a real kick out of some of the cheers we do. They both loved "What do we Want!!" "RUNS" "When do we need it!!" "NOW!!!" This is the fun of RFK!!

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Say Hey Klib said...

Mrs. R. showed the type of compassion that we need more of in this town. Here's to you Mrs. Robinson.......