Wednesday, May 24, 2006


First I wish to walcome everyone to this blog. We are a group of knoledgeable baseball fans that are season ticket holders of the Washington Nationals. We sit in section 320 of RFK stadium. Last year during the inagural season of the Washington Nationals season, the baseball Gods threw this reg tag bunch of fans together. If we had to fill in a questionaire about traits of the other season ticket holders around us, we couldn't have done a better job (and probably wouldn't have ben put together). So we decided to put this together to let those folks who can't hear our cheers (the few of you that might exist) or want to hear more from us. I hope you all enjoy our rants rave and most of all our CHEERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Screech's Best Friend said...

As I have said before and will say for years to come, but now publicly. Why in the world does Jimbo complain about the poor defense of the Nationals, when he stupidly traded away Jamey Carroll for cash to bring in medicore and underperforming veterans that have no interest in being team players. Why is it that Clint Hurdle not only starts Carroll for the first place Colorado Rockies, not because of injuries, but because Hurdles says Carroll is a "gamer and versitile". Jamey even pounded out a home run last week against Toronto. Now--Hurdle has him hitting lead off. And, he has a slugging pct. of .455. Beats most any Nationals player.

FIRE BOWDEN!! Before he destroy the franchise down to the core!!

Screech's Best Friend said...

Hey KLIB: How much did you drink before you posted. Nice spelling and grammar.

Say Hey Klib said...


I am an American I don't know how to spel(haha)or use grammer.

Soji Slade said...

Just a quick note: Thanks for starting that Jose cheer. My fellow season ticket holder sitting next to me at most games joins the chants. I noticed a similar sounding chant start for Soriano at the last game, did you start that one also?