Thursday, May 25, 2006

Carroll, Cheers, et al...

• Carroll - I too miss Carroll, I'd always been impressed with his gamer mentality.
He'd always hustle. No matter what. That's all I really ask for. Just put it all
on the line when you're out there. He excelled (and apparently still is) at that.
Gotta give credit to Clint for recognizing that, and it's paying dividends. I agree
Jeff (Screech's best friend HAH!), we should definitely give Carroll the standing O when he comes to town...

• Wiki & Jose - Found out from the recap that Frank didn't pull Wiki (sp?) for his gameplay (or lack thereof),
he apparently got clocked by a PrestOHn WilsOHn backswing, and Guillen left with a "cornea abrasion" (??)
Hopefully the latter will be back by Friday, got a friend coming down from Germantown for his first game,
and I'd dig him getting the full 320 JOSE experience!

• CHARGE!!! - I love our section... I was doing the trumpet-charge thing fully expecting to be
the solo on that, just clowning around, but to my joyous and absolute surprise, 320 had my back.
Props. Much respect!

• Gotta go to work - Enjoy the day game today, whomever's going, very jealous, 'cause I dig
Armas, and would hope that it's a good matchup vs. Pettitte... Gotta say, I love the fact that we
won last night, NO ONE in their right mind would've expected us to win vs. Oswalt. And, aside
from the balk, we really didn't. But he didn't get the win, the Nats did. Whoo-hoo!

Rock on.

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