Sunday, May 28, 2006

RFK Stadium Crowds

Alot has been written and mentioned in the local press about the average Nationals Attendance Levels for home games this season at RFK. As most people that follow the team know, there are nearly 6000 less season ticket holders than last season. The Nats are averaging nearly 26000 per game in 2006 compared to 33000 in 2005. So obviously season ticket sales are the difference. But what I like about the 2006 fans are that this current group is into the games. They are knowledable and they are backing the team. The fan support has been LOUD throughout the entire 10 game homestand that just ended with the Nats taking all three series from Baltimore, Houston and Los Angeles and going 7-3. The 2006 group of fans are the Nationals BASELINE SUPPORT that the Lerner/Kasten group can now build on. The Nationals will become a highly successful team when ALL THE GAMES ARE ON TV and a real marketing program begins. The Nats need to draw in the casual fans making the Nationals a MUST SEE EVENT, and I am sure Kasten can make it happen. We have great fans, that are diehard supporters of the team, whether they are good or bad. Its only going to get better in the next few seasons. The team is here for years to come and I am extremely happy for that. GO NATS!!

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