Tuesday, May 30, 2006


I understand that Frank Robinson is devoted to many veteran players, especially those that went through the last few seasons with him in Montreal and now with The Nationals, but Joey Eischen just doesn't have it anymore. He has walked 5 consecutive batters over his last 3 games. Last night in the 11-2 loss in Philadelphia, Joey just added fuel to the fire already started by Majewski by walking 2 players and setting up a 5 run inning for the Phillies. If the Nats are going to be competitive they have got to let Joey go and bring up someone young like Bill Bray from New Orleans to see if the new kid can hack in on the Major league Level. The Nats are not going to win anything this year, lets find out what the young guy can do.

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Say Hey Klib said...

Screeches Best Friend got his wish. Eischen went on the 60 day DL andBray was called up from New Orleans.