Thursday, May 25, 2006


Today's day game verus Astros is the MOST MEMORABLE game I have
yet seen at RFK. We score 7 runs off Petitte in 4 innings with a Johnson
RBI Single, Zimmerman, 2 out, 2 run single, Vidro 3 run homer with all base
runners getting on base with 2 outs and another Zimmerman RBI. UP 7-1,
Armas is struggling, throwing the ball all over the place. The Astros
realize that LeCroy Can NOT throw out anybody. So everytime a player
gets on base, that player immediately steals second. Houston slowing pecks
away at the lead and its now 7-5. They steal 7 total bases. LeCroy has 2
throwing errors to second on bad throws that Clayton doesn't back up.
If was LAUGHABLE. Tom just LOST IT! In the 7th, With Bruntlett at the
plate with a 1-0 count, Frank Robinson replaces LeCroy with Robert Fick.
With runners on 1st and 2nd Bruntlett squares to bunt, Fick misses the ball
and it goes to the backstop. Everyone could not believe it. Bruntlett
walks and the bases are loaded with no one out. Rauch AMAZINGLY GETS OUT OF IT!!
In the 8th, Ausmus draws a 1 out walk from Majewski. Jason Lane flies
out to Byrd in right. With 2 outs, Ensberg DRILLS a line drive that is
going DIRECTLY OVER SORIANO'S HEAD. He mis-reads the track and comes IN ON THE BALL. Its OVER HIS HEAD. He realizes it, at the last moment ,jumps back toward the ball AND AT THE VERY LAST SPLIT SECOND, LOOKING LIKE MICHAEL JORDAN SILHOUETTED IN HIS PRIME AS ONLY A GREAT ATHLETE CAN DO, SNARES THE BALL WITH A SNOWCONE CATCH!!!!!! Ausmus, believing, like everyone AT RFK that it was a clear double, had already passed 2nd and was going to 3rd. Soriano, ON THE FLY!! THROWS TO NICK JOHNSON AT FIRST TO DOUBLE HIM OFF BASE AND END THE THREAT!! It was absolutely one of the most amazing sequences in baseball I have EVERY WITNESSED. Then, the Chief came in toClose IT OUT!!. Amazing 8-5 win. ELECTRIFYING IS THE ONLY WAY TO DESCRIBE IT!! Rally Time Richard and I could not shut up about the Soriano
Play. You must go to click on scoreboard and the GAMEDAY Review to see the top of the 7th inning sequence. It may be the odded half inning EVER PLAYED!! EVER!!


PS--And Sohna won the DC IQ Trivia and a $50 Gift Certificate to RED,
HOT & BLUE Restaurant!! JS

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RallyTime Richard said...

Morgan's a girls name

Crazy day of baseball, but they kept the streak alive. I haven't had to scream rally time for two games in a row.