Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Where Is Austin Kearns?

Justin Maxwell, Roger Bernadina, Elijah Dukes, Lastings Milledge, Adam Dunn, Willie Harris, Josh Willingham, Leonard Davis, Ryan Langerhans and even Jorge Padilla have all played multiple games this early spring in the outfield for Our Washington Nationals.

Austin Kearns just one time--the Exhibition Opener against The Houston Astros at Kissimmee. Kearns struck out twice in his two plate appearances that day. Not one time has he stepped on the field of play since.


Where Is Austin Kearns?

Is there something wrong with Our Number 25? Does he have some nagging minor injury that is day to day? Is the team resting him early in the spring while testing other's abilities?

It sure seems strange.

Kearns is reportedly healthy, in shape and ready to go. Last season's injuries and disappointments behind him.

Even if Washington wanted to trade Austin, a trading partner will want to see his skills in game situations--not practice or past video.

So what gives? Is there more to Austin Kearns not playing than just giving him a rest?

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Andrew Lang said...

Kearns - Blister on the palm of his hand.

Anonymous said...

I guess it is possible to be too close to the story.....we all have been reading about a hand blister up here in DC......What really should be the story here is that Kearns did so little work in the off season that he had got a blister the first week of camp. Based on how poor a swing he developed over the past two years with Lenny Harris I would think he would have been working out all winter.....I guess $8 million can make you lose your work ethic pretty fast.

Anonymous said...

Lang is correct.