Monday, March 02, 2009

I Am In Charge (Here)

As a life long Washingtonian, and The African Queen for 38 Years now, we appreciated the humor of Team President Stan Kasten's comment today: "I Am In Charge." The only word missing was "Here". Famously, after President Ronald Reagan was shot on August 13th, 1981--then Secretary of State Alexander Haig stated "I am in charge here." Haig wasn't then. In fact, he was third in line to the throne and was embarrassed, but Political Washington made that line--infamous in history.

Really that line was unbelievable.

As it turns out, Mr. Kasten's nearly identical comment today spoke the truth. He's wheeling and dealing, making things happen in the wake Our Now Former General Manager Jim Bowden Officially Resigning On Sunday. Alexander Haig had limited power. Stan Kasten--this day--has the final say right now. Not only is he considering trades with other ball clubs but reportedly is attempting to sign Our Franchise Player Ryan Zimmerman to a long term contract--and what could be better than that?

Good for him--because The Z-Man needs to be locked up as soon as possible. Of course, signing Our Number 11 would make The African Queen very happy. And at the same time, Mr. Kasten is asking those club employees wanting to step up and make themselves known. This is the time to make yourself a player.

What underling couldn't appreciate that? Really? What business are you in that The BossMan says bring it on--tell me what you think? What are we doing wrong here? What do we need to improve ourselves? How can we do things better?

Reportedly, that's exactly what Mr. Kasten told Baseball Operations today in his private meeting this morning with staff.

Don't be timid.

Speak your mind.

Tell it like it is.

Make Us Better.

Some may disagree, but sorry, that's pretty impressive in our book.

Having no idea how JimBo ran his operation internally--it's refreshing to publicly hear that Our Team President--Currently Also Interim General Manager--wants to listen to all options. Put everything on the table. Many times, those below have some good ideas. But are silenced over the fear that speaking out of turn will diminish their value to those in charge. Upper Management fearing those below them might make The BossMan less valuable.

That's not the case today.

Because on day two of a new era for Our Washington Nationals--"I Am In Charge (Here)" means Bring It On!! Tell me whatever you feel Our Washington Nationals need to do to get us better--not only on the field--but in The Public's Eye.

Bottom Line--Give Me Everything You Got.

You Have Got to appreciate the gumption and willingness to learn from EVERYONE involved with Our Washington Nationals--no matter who they are. Mr. Kasten understands that Washington Employees were not hired to follow the leader. They were brought on board to fill a missing void.

"I Am In Charge (Here)--Very, Very Refreshing Words From Our Team President Today.

PS- Yeah, believe it or not, The African Queen and I are still in Central Florida. An extended stay now--thanks to the never ending newsworthiness of Our Washington Nationals. And it's pretty entertaining by the way. Besides--it may have been 60 Degrees most of the day here in Melbourne, Florida--chilly by local standards. But that beats 10" of snow in Washington, DC over the past 24 hours. And thanks to Our Next Door Neighbor--Dolly--who let us know that she was shoveling both her and our driveway today--knowing The African Queen and I were still "Doing Baseball" with Our Washington Nationals. You can bet that Dolly wished she was here with us right now. Her classic comment: "Man, I hate you guys for always being away at the right time!!"

You have got to LOVE OUR NEIGHBOR DOLLY--she was getting into the spirit of it all. (There is plenty of laughter on that commentary--and you would have to know Dolly to fully understand)


Anonymous said...

Here's my list:

-- Get Z-man signed long term

-- Sign Frank Howard into the organization as a scout or ambassador

-- Get at least one veteran reliever, hopefully Joe Beimel, signed to bolster the staff.

-- If there's any decent vet starter out there, get him (or sign Ben Sheets to a low-risk deal and wait for him to heal)

-- Bring in a truly solid 2B (if we can get one via trade)

-- Make Washington's baseball history more prominent around the ballpark

-- Get the 2009 Nats kids club up and running so I can sign my kids' up

-- Honor the 1924 Nationals and 1969 Senators (both having anniversary seasons) wit souvenirs, throwback unis, and other celebratory things

-- Make sure the #1 and #9A draft picks get signed quickly

-- Hire a solid GM, but one who is soft-spoken and keeps a low profile, but gets things done

-- Get a solid FA from Japan

-- Use 2009 to get back to on and off the field respectability and then go for broke in 2010

Jeremy said...

-- Kill whoever designed that "new" Screech outfit.

Edward J. Cunningham said...

One more thing...bring the old Screech back! Have you seen pictures of the new mascot? It may make you change your nickname to Formerly Screech's Best Friend!

Screech's Best Friend said...

For those who missed this from the previous commentary in response to VCUALUM Kyle:
Having no involvement with the New Screech, we were taken aback by the new look. At the very least, the original Screech Face probably should have been kept in it's original form. The African Queen and I are going to have to see The New Screech in person to make our final opinion--as we are still in Florida. We liked his original "Bobblebelly". It added dimension to his physique. Baby Screech was a cartoon character that was loved by many kids. And we feel it should have been kept that way. Time will tell if this new version will be as popular.

Anonymous said...

SBF --A minor quibble here -- in the line of succession, the Sec of State is after 1) the VP, 2) the Speaker, and 3) the Sentate Pres Pro Tem. So, Haig would have been fourth in line, not third.

But on to today's BIG news!

I had to check the Nats320 blog today when I read the news about a new design for the Screech mascot. I had expected full coverage of the new mascot here, but it turns out that you are still in Florida. Seems like a bad idea to me. They actually quoted fans wo thaought that the fat Screech was a poor role model for an ever growing nation of obese kids. Really? A mascot will cause a kid to get fat? Sheesh!

WFY said...

I thought of Haig too when I saw that Kasten line.

Anonymous said...

My advice: take $20 million and the 10th choice in the first round and offer it to the Red Sox in exchange for GM Theo Epstein who knows how to run a farm system and develop players.

Anonymous said...

I also thought of Haig.

I don't have a "to do" list for Stan, as I'm pretty sure that he knows what he's doing. Seriously, I've been very impressed with his handling of the transition.

Anonymous said...

Wow, I like Anon's list except I want to see how our current 2B pans out and only look to Japan if you can get a solid player.

I added one thing that I have been saying for a while and now with JimBo gone can be a reality. Bring Frank Robinson back and retire his #20 jersey.

Let's show him the respect he deserves and give him the party he should have received!!!!

Unknown said...

I think it might be too late to do the throwback uniforms for this year to honor 1924 and 1969. Don't they have to be approved by the league a year in advance?