Tuesday, March 24, 2009

San Diego--Yeah, We Can Go There

Shawn Hill signs a Minor League Contract to play for The San Diego Padres.

The news brought smiles to our faces.

The African Queen and I love that Southern California city. Regularly, we visit San Diego for business and vacation. At one time, we seriously considered moving there. Outside of The Nation's Capital--San Diego is Sohna's Favorite City In America.

But for now, we shall settle for another good reason to visit The Home Of The San Diego Zoo & Wild Animal Park.

Shawn Hill plays for The Friars now and we hope to see him play again soon at Beautiful PETCO PARK.

Good Luck Shawn!! Sohna and I wish you the very best.

San Diego--Yeah, We Can Go There.


Jeremy said...

Petco is a beautiful park, but, much like Nationals Park which had the opportunity to more substantially feature the landmarks of the Washington, DC skyline but could not for various reasons, Petco does the same. Instead of opening to San Diego Bay, and really, Petco is mere blocks from the water (not as close as AT&T, but surely close enough for some gorgeous views), Petco instead opens up to the Gaslamp District and some views of San Diego "skyscrapers." That said, it's still a very cool park.

I've promised myself I'd never do this on this blog, but on our own blog, East Coast Bias, which we link up to our friends here at Nats320, we actually did a stadium review of Petco last summer in case any of your readers are thinking of heading out there: http://www.east-coast-bias.com/2008/07/blog-post.html

And back to the main topic at hand, much luck to Shaun as he tries to make it with the Padres. He is a great guy and I think all Nats fans should wish him the very best (unless he is pitching against us!)

Kenny G said...

After spending a week in California, I can confidently say that San Diego is the next destination on my list. I've heard it is beautiful!

Anonymous said...

Before you buy your tickets to San Diego, let me remind you that Shawn Hill signed a minor league contract just like John Patterson did with the Rangers. I don't think Patterson ever threw another pitch beyond extended spring training with the Rangers and he finally gave up and retired. It appears that Hill's chronic arm problems are very similar to those experinced by Patterson. There is no assurance that Hill will ever pitch even one inning for the Padres.

Anonymous said...

I would love going to San Diego to watch Shawn pitching. Wish him all the best and still root for him.

Screech's Best Friend said...

Phil Dunn: The one big difference between Hill and Patterson is that Shawn has never lost his velocity or his command of his pitches--even while hurting. JP was never the same after countless problems. That's why I believe it's a good bet Hill will rebound where others have failed.