Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Take Note

The tickets and information sent to our home yesterday concerning this weekend's Full Season Ticket Holder Appreciation Day Event included two important facts to remember if you are attending.

So take note.

When anyone arrives for admission to the 1PM Scheduled Appreciation Day, not only must they bring their Golden Ticket sent by Our Washington Nationals for the event, but everyone MUST ALSO present their April 4th Exhibition Game Full Season Ticket to that evenings game with The Baltimore Orioles at Nationals Park.

Repeat--you must have both The Appreciation Day Ticket AND The Orioles/Nationals Full Season Game Ticket. The last exhibition game of 2009 is scheduled to begin at 6PM. You CAN NOT have a Golden Ticket & an individually and separately purchased game ticket for the exhibition affair. You must have a FULL SEASON GAME TICKET ONLY.

Additionally, and this has been an issue with some fans in past team events. The flyer sent along with The Appreciation Day Tickets clearly states that Ryan Zimmerman will be on hand for photographs ONLY. Our Number 11 will not be signing autographs. It is our understanding that Ryan has an autograph contract with a third party that does not allow him to sign at events like this. Just passing along the information.

Other Photo & Autograph Rules: One Autograph per player signing. One Photo per player. No one is guaranteed to receive an autograph/photograph with every player at Fan Appreciation Day.

Full Season Ticket Holder Appreciation Day will begin at 1PM and run until approximately 3:30PM. Fans who use The Nats Express from RFK can leave their vehicles in Lot 8 all day until the conclusion of the baseball game. Fans that have purchased game parking in garages or lots may also leave their cars at those locations for the duration of the game. No need to worry about moving your car. This will allow many to watch Batting Practice between The Season Ticket Holder Event and The Exhibition Game.

So, if you are attending these two events this Saturday, April 4th--Please Take Note Of The Detail Information--and bring Both your Appreciation Day Golden Ticket AND your Orioles/Nationals Full Season Game Ticket to Nationals Park.


Wookiee said...

DC United plays Saturday night. Is Lot 8 going to be available?

Anonymous said...

Do you know if this is the only "fan appreciation" event that the Nationals will hold this season, or will they throw a few crumbs of appreication in the direction of us lowly half and partial season ticket holders at some point during the season? I was out of town during the FanFest events in January, so it's disappointing to be excluded from this event. Thank you in advance for any info you can provide.

Screech's Best Friend said...

Nothing has been announced for sure, but I would imagine The Picnic In The Park for all Season Ticket Holders, held last year at Nationals Park in September, will be held again sometime in 2009. Similar to FanFest, there were autographs/pictures with players, chats with front office personnel and tours.

Anonymous said...

Thanks, SBF. I did attend the Picnic in the Park last year, and it was great, so I do hope there will be another one this year. I actually saw you and The African Queen there, but I was a little too shy to say anything to you. (Oh, BTW, congrats on the MASN commercial!)

Peggy said...

Thanks for the info. We have been a full season ticket holders or partial plan holders from the very first when our MLB team returned to Washington, but I guess that doesn't qualify us as an "appreciated fans" by the Nats leadership. Oh Well.

Anonymous said...

Do not understand why the Nats are only doing this for full season plan holders. With the economy the way it is, all season ticket holders should have the benefit of attending this function. Most full season ticket plans are held by corporations, who spend their companies' or in the case of some companies, the federal government's monies to purchase ticket while most partial ones are held by individuals who spend their own money for the tickets. Truly a shame the Nats don't realize that.

wskyrnr21 said...

Zimmerman not signing? Man it didn't take long for him to grow bigger than his pants!

Shame on you #11

Joe said...

Anyone know if you can show up at 1 PM, leave at 3 PM to get dinner, and show back up at 6 PM with the game ticket to re-enter. I assume they don't scan the game ticket when they let you in for fan appreciation day?