Thursday, March 26, 2009

Very Impressive Move

The decision by The Tampa Bay Rays to option their young phenom pitcher David Price to AAA Durham yesterday was very impressive. Despite all the hype written about Price and his post-season rookie exploits in 2008, Rays Management felt more comfortable letting David mature a little more in The Minor Leagues.

Tampa Bay said they wrestled with the decision--but at the end of the day felt it was the proper move. The Rays believing Major League Innings now for David Price were not as important as his overall development for later.

You have to figure Our Washington Nationals are debating the same pros & cons when it comes to Our Young Phenom--Jordan Zimmermann. Until his last outing this spring, J-Zimm has been pretty outstanding. But he's never pitched above AA Ball and thrown more than 134 innings in any season.

What is best for the short and long term development of Jordan Zimmermann?

Every individual situation is different. There are character and make-up factors also to be considered. Having no idea what David Price is like personally, Jordan Zimmermann does seem to have his act together--and that's important too.

As mentioned before, I would rather not see Jordan rushed to The Big Leagues. And after reading The Tampa Bay Rays, despite being a legitimate contender in The American League East again for 2009, sent down their top pitching prospect to protect their future, it wouldn't surprise me to see Our Washington Nationals make an equally impressive move and start Jordan Zimmermann at AAA Syracuse to start this season.


NatsGuy said...

Has anyone considered donating the money they would spend on Nats tickets to homeless groups or food banks. There are many, many people suffering out here. Watch the games at home this year. Maybe the teams would get an understanding of how selfish the sport has gotten.

Andrew Lang said...

NatsGuy - Not sure how you got off on this tangent. Hopefully everyone gives generously already to charity.

Here's my take on boycotting sporting events is that the incremental loss in attendence hurts overall revenue which in turn can affect Free Agent plans, draft picks, etc so in the long run it can hurt the team from growing competitively.

As it is with this tight economy, most teams except the Yankees, Mets, Phillies, Cubs, and Red Sox will probably see large decreases with the biggest decreases in the more industrial cities like Detroit, Pittsburgh, Cincy, and Cleveland. The Nationals will most likely see large decreases too.

Personally I don't want to live through that Washington can't support baseball. It was bad enough going 30+ years without a team.

NatsGuy said...


The point I am trying to make is that we are talking about Steven Strasburg getting 50 million dollars for throwing a baseball when tent cities are forming all over the country and many are starving. This seems like a major disconnect. I too missed baseball in Washington for 30 years but I still know its a game. I think baseball, its players, and its fans need to remember and use their funds to help those who need it. I am beginning to realize that we are now in a country which is a little self absorbed in greed.

SenatorNat said...

George Soros "boycotted" the Nationals last year, I believe, and will do so again this year. Alan Greenspan on the other hand attended regularly. Tim Geithner attended once, receiving free President's Seat, which TurboTax failed to figure out how to report. Jim Bowden also attended for free, but that is a whole other story...

I believe that a compromise is in order: one of the two tent pavillions over the parking lots in the outfield can be denoted for the homeless.

Baseball was popular during the Civil War, WWI, the Depression, and folks still can choose to go or "be like George" and stay home.

Trust in Scott Boros to donote 10% of his cut to the homeless. And the tooth fairy. All political.

Tom said...

Nothing happens in a vaccum.
Last year Tampa Bay went to the World Series and the Nationals went in the dumper. The Rays fans will be more patient with their team this year because the Rays have already proven on the field that they are a good team w/o Price.
The Nat's proved they need all hands on deck to avoid another season like last year. The Nat's FO doesn't have the same luxury as the Ray's. The Nat's FO is working with a 100 loss team, in a down market and lower season ticket sales. They must put their best players on the field from day one or otherwise face what's happened in Baltimore for the last ten years.

JayB said...


Did you see that bunt from Milledge that other day? Does that look like a guy ready to make the decisions needed in the leadoff role....That looked like a suicide squeeze play, not a leadoff guy working the count and showing the infield something to worry about........

Why not put Dukes in CF and trade Milledge or send him to AAA to learn the game. Learn to be a lead off man and a CF. That is what is best for the Team and what is best for Milledge.

OF should be Dunn in LF, Dukes in CF, Willingham in RF and Kearns filling in RF and CF with Harris getting some AB's in CF and LF.....Why is that not the best for the Nats?

Giving Milledge CF and Lead off before he earns it smells so much like Lo Duca and Lopez, Estrada moves to me.......Killed the team last year.....can Acta make the decisions that need to be made? Will Rizzo do it for him? Did anyone ask Acta about that Bunt and the inablity of Milledge to simple pull the bat back?

Is it time for Acta to go....good managers do what is best for the team and the that what is happening with giving Milledge the job again before he shows he even understands the job or shows he can do it?

Tom said...

Give Manny some time. This will be his first year managing without JimBo lurking over his shoulder. Let's see how he does. I'm betting you'll like him more in June.

Edward J. Cunningham said...

The point I am trying to make is that we are talking about Steven Strasburg getting 50 million dollars for throwing a baseball when tent cities are forming all over the country and many are starving.

If Scott Boras is demanding that much, and acting GM Stan Kasten holds to his pledge not to bust the "slotting" system wide open, what makes you think the Nats will draft Steven Strasburg or if we do that we'll be able to sign him? I'm worried that if we do draft him, it will be a redux of the Aaron Crow situation once again...

MurrayTheRed said...

My prognostication; We select Strasburg, and after a long wait at the last minute sign him for $12Mil.
He jumps strait into the ace roll and does well.

But of course I've got a rose colored crystal ball.

I also agree with Tom we can't wait for Zimnn to grow in the minors, we need our best on the field every game.