Thursday, March 12, 2009

Chad Cordero--A Seattle Mariner

The phone call came late this evening to our house.

Chad Cordero had signed with The Seattle Mariners.

"The Most Thrilling Closer In The Game" no longer a Washington National. Our hearts sort of sunk. Yeah, we had been expecting this news for some time, but once the reality hit--it still was difficult to take. The African Queen loves "The Chief" and Chad Cordero had been very kind to us.

The negotiations had come down to three serious offers. The Mariners, The Texas Rangers and The Los Angeles Dodgers were all in the running. The rumored Minnesota Twins were never in serious pursuit--neither were Our Washington Nationals. The New York Mets, Milwaukee Brewers, Los Angeles Angels and Arizona Diamondbacks never made solid offers. As it turns out, Number 32 took the lesser of the three final offers--a non guaranteed $750,000 plus incentives, an invitation to Major League Camp and the opportunity to pitch in The Majors this season. Chad Cordero in line now to become The Closer for the rebuilding Mariners. No other team offered such a role. The Dodgers had offered more money over two days ago. The Rangers a little less, although neither guaranteeing any Major League Position--only a promise they would consider Cordero in their bullpen sometime in the future.

Chad Cordero wanting to play in the Major Leagues this year, in a closer role, on a one-year deal. Cordero to report to camp in Peoria, Arizona Friday.

Deep down, The African Queen and I really wanted to see Chad return to Our Washington Nationals. Washington needs some bullpen help right now. But we understand the business aspect of the game and we wish him well. Best thing about this deal--Sohna's cousins live in Seattle. We will be heading out to Washington State sometime this year to watch "The Most Thrilling Closer In The Game" pitch again for his new Home Team.

Chad Cordero believes he can be pitching in a Major League Game by May. How different might this outcome have been if Our Former General Manager had not verbally non-tendered Chad on the radio last summer?


Kenny G said...

i'm going to miss him. he was a true character and will be sorely missed. i was holding out hope that he would be re-signed but unfortunately that isn't the case.

it is also unfortunate that the nats do not play the mariners this season... but it looks like the mariners are in baltimore june 9-11

Anonymous said...

The Chief is a class act! Bowden on the other hand...
We are all rootin' for Chad here in the east coast Washington.

cassander said...

This has me bummed out. Chad was my favorite player, by far. I'm mad that Bowden didn't work out a deal with him last year instead of being a jerk.

Andrew Lang said...

Good luck to Chad Cordero and hope he gets to pitch for the Mariners this year!

Sam R said...


I am truly bummed, having held out hope that somehow, someway, The Chief would be returning. We shared a nickname as I was a Chief Warrant Officer in the Army and I discussed our commonality once when he was greeting fans at the Gate at RFK. We both got a chuckle out of it. I sure wish him all the luck and I curse Bowden for letting him go, business or no there has to be some goodwill in this damn game we love.

Take Me Out To The Ballgame!


SenatorNat said...

The Nationals did the prudent thing by observing him and evaluating him as being at 75% of HIS full strength. Recognize that Chad (one of my very favorites) is not your typical closer when he is at full strengh (100%) - he is anything but overpowering - just full of heart, and pinpointing and guile. Bowden is gone, so that miscue on TEAM-980 is water under the bridge. I hope that his arm can heal quickly and the flat-brim is working for the Mariners this year. And we will miss him. But, it is prudent for Nationals not to have signed based on sentimentality.

Trust in the Flat-Brim. All Charismatic.

phil dunn said...

I can't believe he didn't opt for signing with his hometown Dodgers. That flat brimmed "Dodger blue" hat would have been awesome.

Edward J. Cunningham said...

I have gone on record saying that I do not plan on going to OPACY unless the Nationals are playing. I may make an exception when the Mariners come to town.

Anonymous said...

Best of luck to the Chief! My relatives in Seattle will now need blood pressure meds when watching their team!

Screech's Best Friend said...

Phil Dunn: I think it really came down to his quickest route back to the majors in a closer role and nothing else.

Tom said...

A good day for Chad.
A day that says the Nats are moing on. Now only if . . .

Steve said...


Chad Cordero is one of my all-time favorite players for the great memories he gave me when baseball returned to Washington at RFK. What a shame he never really got to pitch at the new ballpark.

I really wanted him to close out that first game (though the Z-man's home run WAS pretty cool) for a perfect trifecta:

-- he closed out the first game back at RFK Stadium
-- he closed out the last game at RFK

The renewal of my love for baseball is in large part because of Chad Cordero and his thrilling run with our Nationals.

I will sorely miss him. And, I'm not letting our new regime off the hook (unless Bowden poisoned the well so deeply Chad decided never to wear the curly W again). Our team's bullpen looks to be the weak link and for $750K we could have bought a potential solution and $75M worth of good will with the fans.

Look, you already have 11 comments on this blog! Chad Cordero and our most cherished Nationals memories are one. Darn!

I'll be keeping an eye on Seattle all year now.