Saturday, March 21, 2009

Noah's Birthday With Screech

"Is that really you?" stated The African Queen.

What happened? exclaimed SBF.

My Best Friend!! Screech!! was standing in front of us. And we had no idea he was going to be there.

This afternoon we were invited out to LakeForest Mall in Gaithersburg, Maryland by "The Pretzel Man" himself. Dwayne Herndon of Noah's Pretzels--The Official Pretzel of Our Washington Nationals. This was a special occasion. Dwayne's Son, Noah, was celebrating his birthday. And as many fans have come to understand--Noah is autistic. Noah's Pretzels was started by his parents in his honor. Every day at Noah's Pretzels is spent promoting autism support and providing awareness for those families in need.

When asked to attend, there was no way Sohna and I would not be on hand to help celebrate Noah's Big Day. Since the very first moments we ever met Dwayne, all of us have had fun together.

But SCREEEEEEECH!! being at LakeForest Mall today was the capper.

My Best Friend!! as surprised as we were--immediately came over for the big hug--upon spotting us. Then proceeded to show off his rather trim waistline. Man, does he look skinny, as compared to his previous incarnation. Screech proclaiming he spent the entire off-season working out.

With Teddy? (SBF)

Screech immediately signaling "NO WAY"!! Teenage Screech knowing Our Lovable Loser doesn't have the heart to train properly.

Really, it was so odd at first looking at Screech. For quite some time, The African Queen and I couldn't get over Screech without The Bobblebelly. But as the many kids surrounded him, wanting to touch him, play with him and pull on his now removable Red Curly "W" Baseball Cap--things slowly became a little more normal.

"Screech!!"--Noah yelled out upon seeing My Best Friend!! Dwayne's Son didn't care what version of Our Mascot he was seeing. Noah knew he was SCREECH and that's all that really mattered. Countless kids and many teenagers stopped to take pictures with the freshly white maned Eagle. My Best Friend!! even hooking up with The Easter Bunny. And Screech no longer going shoeless. Grown up enough to now sport some nifty looking Red with White Curly "W" sneakers. The children were happy and that's what any mascot is all about.

As Noah received many gifts from his friends and family on hand--Screech went sampling some of the Noah's Pretzel's products--including some new menu items coming to Nationals Park for 2009. Not only will the various exclusive varieties of Curly "W" Pretzels be available again at the South Capitol Street Ballpark, but 4 Pretzel Wraps will be for sale as well: Hot Dog & Cheese Pretzel Wrap, Pepperoni & Cheese Pretzel Wrap, Ham & Cheese Pretzel Wrap and Turkey & Cheese Pretzel Wrap. The African Queen and I sampled the Hot Dog & Hot Cheese Wrap this afternoon. We have to say, we both agreed, it was pretty good--very tasty. Noah's Pretzel will return to their original stand just inside the centerfield gate behind Section 106, as well as their Gallery Level position behind Section 320. Additionally, Noah's will send their sellers into the stands on all levels throughout each ball game.

Being at Noah's Pretzels today in Gaithersburg for Noah--was important. Running into My Best Friend!! Screech!! was downright strange. The African Queen and I miss his original bobblebelly. We thought it made Our Mascot distinctive. Seeing his new face, in person, was actually far better than watching the photos and video clips from his premiere at the ESPN Zone in March. But "What Happened To Screech?" wasn't what so many had written about upon his unveiling last month. We didn't witness masses of children running away from him in fear--afraid of his looks. Instead, every kid and teenager we saw--clamored to get a ahold of him. He is a Mascot after all--for sake of the children.

And that's the most important aspect of all.

Happy Birthday Noah!! The African Queen and I were honored to be invited to your party.

PS--Not only is Noah's Pretzels The Official Pretzel of Our Washington Nationals, The Washington Wizards and Washington Capitals, but beginning in two weeks--also The Official Pretzel of The Baltimore Orioles. That's right, Noah's Pretzels will take over at Camden Yards with a Free Standing Position on the Main Concourse, first base side, replacing Uncle Teddy's Pretzels at The Home Of The Orioles.

PPS--We got a kick out of The Bobbleheads displayed on the counter at Noah's Pretzels in LakeForest Mall. Not only were Our Racing Presidents represented, but also Bobblebelly Screech, G-Wiz (The Washington Wizards Mascot), Alex Ovechkin and Bruce Boudreau of The Washington Capitals. Also on display this absolutely terrific American Red Cross Bobblehead of Capitals Great and NHL Hall of Famer--Rod Langway. I had never seen that item before. It was really nice--gotta get ahold of that one.

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Anonymous said...

He looks like a cartoon. But that can be dealt with. He is a mascot. What is inexcusable is the 00 on his back. The 05 was classy, and as time goes on, would've been a historical reference that parents could have used to teach their kids about the team.

Anonymous said...

Lou, agreed. 05 should have stayed.

SBF, I don't think Noah's Pretzels exists to promote autism ;) - Autism awareness and research.

Thanks for keeping us updated!

Tom said...

I guess this means you two kissed and made up!
You are still SBF, right?

Edward J. Cunningham said...

I guess this means you two kissed and made up!
You are still SBF, right?

I'm sure he is, but I don't think the scarecrow SBF saw at Lakeforest is the real Screech...