Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Free GameDay Audio Kicks In

Every Season Ticket Holder for Our Washington Nationals was promised free MLB GameDay Audio for the entire 2009 Season if they renewed their package and paid at least one payment online at That incentive kicked in on Monday as The African Queen and I received the link to activate our account. With the WFED 1500AM signal not the best in our house and the very likelihood of no FM Signal for 2009--The MLB GameDay Audio is the perfect solution to our situation.

Routing the sound system in our home through an Airport Wireless Router and Speaker System--we can know be virtually anywhere in our house and hear Charlie Slowes & Dave Jageler broadcasting the baseball games of Our Washington Nationals. Also, we now have access to the home and away broadcasters of every single scheduled game this season, approximately 100 Pre-Season Games and all archival files to go back and listen in again.

MLB GameDay Audio normally costs $14.95 for the year. Not costly by any means, but it's very nice to have a clean signal of all broadcasts again in our home--for free.


Sam R said...


Amen to a clean signal. I received my link to the gameday audio as well yesterday. But when I am at the ball park I will be so disappointed if 1500 doesn't come in clearly. I can't believe they are having trouble getting a deal with an FM outlet.

Take Me Out To The Ballgame!


AndreƩ said...


I have an airport express and use airtunes at home, but it will only play audio from the iTunes player, not my web browser or any other application.

Does MLB audio work through iTunes, therefore allowing you to play gameday audio through airtunes?

Screech's Best Friend said...

Andree': Specifically for MLB Audio, I rigged audio out of the computer (mini jack) to aux in (rca jack) on the back of our stereo--receiver connected to airport express. Monster cable connection kit actually--which is available from apple. Hope that helps.

Edward J. Cunningham said...

I think I heard a bit of the Orioles' broadcast of their spring training game today. Don't foam at the mouth about 3XESPN 980 catering to the Birds rather than the real home team---this wasn't on that station. It was on a Baltimore FM station, but the signal was so strong I could easily hear it here.

Why can't the Nats make the same deal? Even if no local radio station wants to pay the Nats money to broadcast, they could pay THEM to do the same. If Bonneville would rather simulcast WTOP on their FM stations than carry either the Caps or the Nats, then I want the Nats OUT of this deal.

In the meantime, it's nice to have GameDay Audio, though...

Anonymous said...

I have used Gameday Audio for two years now, but am very disappointed that the Archive no longer seems to go back before last year, and one of my favorite archived games, the one on 3/30/08 isn't available at all.