Saturday, March 07, 2009

Upcoming Spring Training Games On WFED

Yeah, Sohna and I are back home in Alexandria, Virginia. We made the 14 Hour Drive beginning late Thursday Morning, March 5th--getting home just before midnight that evening. Having to be back at work on Friday at 10AM--we are spending the weekend recovering. 33 Posts in two weeks in Viera was pretty good--we thought.

Our Radio Broadcasters Charlie Slowes & Dave Jageler will be back on the air for Spring Training Games for Our Washington Nationals beginning Monday March 9th. They will team up for 8 more games this exhibition season on WFED 1500AM, 820AM and 1050AM.

Monday March 9th at Space Coast Stadium versus The Houston Astros. Broadcast at 6:55pm

Tuesday March 10th at Space Coast Stadium verus The New York Mets. Broadcast at 12:55pm.

Saturday March 14th at Port St.Lucie versus The New York Mets. Broadcast at 1:00PM

Sunday March 15th at Space Coast Stadium versus The Detroit Tigers. Broadcast at 12:55pm

Wednesday March 18th at Space Coast Stadium versus The Florida Marlins. Broadcast at 6:55pm

Thursday March 19th at Space Coast Stadium versus The Baltimore Orioles. Broadcast at 12:55pm

Friday April 3rd at Norfolk, Virginia versus The Baltimore Orioles. Broadcast at 3:20PM

And finally--Saturday April 4th at Nationals Park versus The Baltimore Orioles. Broadcast at 5:55PM

So if you have the opportunity--tune in for Our Washington Nationals on the radio with two of the best in the business. We are really fortunate to have Charlie and Dave calling our games.

That's WFED--1500AM (and 820AM & 1050AM) at the times listed above--Spring Training Baseball.


Natz1 said...

Hey SBF-any word on whether President Obama will be throwing out the first pitch at next month's home opener? Thanks.

Andrew Z. Stebbins said...

SBF, thanks for your work as usual. Always very enjoyable. Are you going down later in March or are "we" (I say we because you bring the action so close) calling it a Spring?

Screech's Best Friend said...

Natz1--The White House has not officially stated anything yet.

Andrew Stebbins: Thanks. It depends upon the "real" work schedule. We shall see.

Positively Half St. said...

SBF- Thanks. I have been wondering about when the radio coverage would start kicking in. It is fine to hear the other teams' announcers do games with the Nats on XM, but they rarely have anything nice to say after last year's debacle. Yes, I know they were near the bottom in errors, runs scored, etc. etc. Tell me about a prospect or two.

DND said...

SBF and AF .. Welcome home and thanks for the the radio info..see you in 218

DND said...

Welcome home SBF and AF. Thanks for the radio info and see you in 218

Screech's Best Friend said...

DND--Thanks. Please send us a private comment. We have come across something really cool for you two--from Spring Training 2008 (not 2009)!!

Anonymous said...

Off topic question...SBF which players are out of options, and which are rule 5?

Screech's Best Friend said...

The only Rule 5 Player is Terrell Young--pitcher taken from Cincinnati this off-season.

Off the top of my head, these players are out of options: Langerhans, Orr, Hanrahan, Harris, Chacin, Towers, Eldred, possibly Corey Patterson. But I am really not 100% positive. There could be more--especially among the non-roster invitees. We had a conversation with a friend in Viera about Washington's excessive outfielder where he believed Kearns, Milledge & Dukes all have options left. Which could be used to slim down the outfielders for the 25 Man Roster--if no one can be moved before Opening Day. I found that comment interesting.

Nick Johnson would probably refuse a minor league assignment--if Washington felt he wasn't ready--as he wants to start only.

Not sure if Kearns has enough years of service to decline a minor league assignment.

Anonymous said...

This precinct of NatsTown really appreciates your blogging from FLA- you've got the best fan-centric coverage out there! Thanks!

Sam R said...


Thanks for the radio info. I do lament that there is no FM coverage. Not sure how 1500AM comes in at my house. I am even more concerned at the Park. I have to listen to Charlie and Dave when I am at the game. Hopefull they'll have a signal booster at the Park. Plus with AM there is always the atmospheric distortion depending on the time of day. Lot of issues with AM radio.

Take Me Out To The Ballgame!


Robert said...

You do such a great job for the Nats fans community that I sometimes wonder if I don't take all your hard work for granted. So, let me take this opportunity to thank you for all you do. I love your blog and really couldn't live without it.

That said, I'm am going to be listening to Charlie and Dave tonight. It's been too long.