Tuesday, February 22, 2011

The Uniform Numbers Game

Spring Training Camp 2011 is truly one of those occasions where you might need a scorecard to tell who the players are for Our Washington Nationals.  Good thing a Gate Attendant offers up the Training Camp Roster to any fan entering the practice fields near Space Coast Stadium. By our count, of the 61 players expected to participate in Big league Training Camp (Henry Rodriguez and Elvin Ramirez are both still stuck in Venezuela due to Visa issues), there are 26 guys who have never worn a Nationals Major League Jersey before this season. Five others have switched their Jersey Numbers from 2010.  More confusing is that many coaches wear the same number as other coaches and players.

Fact: There are three Number 5's in camp: Jim Riggleman, Special Instructor Davey Johnson and Outfield Coach Tony Tarasco.

So to give everyone an idea of who's who--here's a photo gallery of players in camp and their newly given jersey numbers:

Infielder Michael Aubrey (10)

Infielder Alex Cora (13)

Infielder Chris Marrero (14)

Utility Man Jerry Hairston, Jr. (15)

Infielder Brian Bixler (19)

Outfielder Laynce Nix (20) & 1st Baseman Kevin Barker (62)

Pitchers Collin Balester (23), Drew Storen (22) & Tom Gorzelanny (32)
Utility Man Matt Stairs (24)
1st Baseman Adam LaRoche (25) & Catcher Jesus Flores (26)
Outfielders Jayson Werth (28) & Jonathan Van Every (71)
Pitcher Tim Wood (30)
Outfielder Bryce Harper (34)
Outfielder Michael Morse (38)
Outfielder Rick Ankiel (43)
Pitcher Elvin Ramirez is Number 50 (No Photo)

Pitchers Cla Meredith (52) & Brian Broderick (55)

Pitcher Chad Gaudin is Number 57 (No Photo)

Outfielder Corey Brown (58)
Pitcher Todd Coffey (60)
Pitcher Henry Rodriguez is Number 63 (No Photo)

Pitchers Adam Carr (64) & Ryan Mattheus (69)

Pitcher Cole Kimball (65)
Catcher Carlos Maldonaldo (67)

Catcher Jhonatan Solano is Number 68

Pitcher Josh Wilkie (70)

Other numbers of importance:

33 Total Pitchers in camp (seven lefthanders)

6 Catchers

12 Infielders

10 Outfielders

22 total coaches in camp (with corresponding Jersey Number): Manager Jim Riggleman (5), Pitching Coach Steve McCatty (54), Bench Coach John McLaren (8), Hitting Coach Rick Eckstein (4), 1B Coach Dan Radison (53), 3rd Base Coach Bo Porter (16), Bullpen Coach Jim Lett (9) and the following 15 Special Instructors:

Tony Beasley (13), Greg Booker (12), Jerry Browne (8), Pat Corrales (39), Jeff Garber (26), Troy Gingrich (2), Mark Grater (44), Bob Henley (14), Trent Jewett (41), Davey Johnson (5), Randy Knorr (27), Rick Schu (38), Tony Tarasco (5), Randy Tomlin (29) & Spin Williams (52).

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Unknown said...

Balester was wearing #99 last season. Who did he give it up to?

Screech's Best Friend said...

Balester just decided to take a lower number. No one is wearing 99 at this point in time. Thanks.