Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Chien-Ming Wang

One of the biggest wild card questions during 2011 Spring Training for Our Washington Nationals is what will happen with Chien-Ming Wang? Signed to a contract by Mike Rizzo in 2010 just to see if Wang could completely recover from a series of injuries that have kept him out of baseball since 2009, Chien-Ming struggled in rehab last season and never really got untracked.

Re-signed by Our GM to another one-year contract for 2011, Wang is finally showing some promise that he might return to the Big Leagues this season and pitch for Washington. In two bullpen sessions so far in Viera, Florida, Wang has increased his velocity and looked stronger each outing.

Yesterday, Sohna and I spoke with Chien-Ming Wang briefly after the conclusion of his workout. There was a little bit of a language barrier since we don't speak his native language and Chien is not fluent in english, so it was tough at times understanding each other--but he very accomodating and willing to answer our questions for a couple of minutes.

Nats320: Do you feel you are finally turning the corner in your rehab?

Wang: “I am now feeling much better and my pitching is getting better day by day.”

Nats320: Are you confident that you are getting healthy?

Wang: “Yeah, right now I don’t see any more setbacks. I’ve been working on my motion and everything feels good.”

Nats320: No pain anymore?

Wang: “No, none.”

Nats320: Pitching Coach Steve McCatty recently changed your arm slot, your mechanics in your delivery? What was the reason for that?

Wang: "My body was not in the right position. My elbow was too high and I could not control my pitches well."

Nats320: Do you have the feel for your pitches. Does throwing feel normal to you again?

Wang: "Yes, almost. (chuckling)  I am getting there."

Nats320: So you feel you are ready to compete for a job?

Wang: "Yes, definitely."

Nats320: But you are confident enough that you will be back in the Major Leagues this season?

Wang: "Yes. Confident that I will."

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休斯 said...

Nice conversation! As a Taiwanese living in DC area, I am more eager than any other Nats fans to see Wang pitching for Nats at DC. It's great to see Wang is making substantial progress day by day.

BTW, Wang's first name should be Chien-Ming instead of Chien.