Sunday, February 27, 2011

Sunday, Fun Day & No Run Day

The last day of full squad practice for Our Washington Nationals in spring training was also the last day for Amber & Sam from Social Circle, Georgia's week in Viera, Florida. This after Little Andy, Charlene and Joe left two days ago along with Mary & Mike from Maine, leaving Darlene & Dave alongside The African Queen & I to watch a few of the upcoming games kicking off Washington's preseason schedule this week.

Zimmy & "Zimmy" Photo From February 22, 2009

Of course when some leave, others arrive and that was the case this morning when the "Zimmy" Dog returned for a 4th consecutive year.  Yes "Sunny" the lab and "Rosie" the dachshund posted up at the practice fields of Space Coast Stadium along with their family--Susie & Barry and children. Ardent Nats Fans Susie & Barry used to live in Viera, but moved to Jacksonville, Florida in 2010.  But that didn't keep their entire extended family from returning to the Space Coast Stadium Practice Facility today to take a look at their favorite baseball team. They drove nearly three hours south to see Our Washington Nationals on the practice fields.

Good thing too because WTOP's Craig Heist had the opportunity to reacquaint himself with his Puppy Love "Rosie" when they met up behind Field Number 1 during today's practice session. Heisty knows "Sunny" and "Rosie" well from their appearances over the years at Nationals Spring Training. Have you ever seen Craig Heist so happy? Heisty was feeling the love.

This after Nats Dedicated Season Ticket Holder Frank Cumberland and his wife, Laura, made their first appearances of spring in Central Florida. Laura & Frank loving the fact it was 32 degrees Friday in Washington before they left and 87 degrees in Melbourne, Florida today--nearly a record for this time of the year here. Frank also proud to have streamlined himself like Charlie Slowes this off-season. Working out strenuously and eating right, Frank lost 60 pounds and looked GREAT!!

Smiles all around including the face of Principal Owner Mark Lerner--making his first appearance on the practice fields this morning. Chatting with Jayson Werth & Ryan Zimmerman as well as many other players and staff, Mr. Lerner also came over to say hello to The African Queen and I as we moved around the practice facility today.
A Sunday that was so low key that many players were not required to do personal training nor running drills with the spring instructors.
"Sunday, Fun Day And No Run Day!!" as hilariously stated by Garrett Mock moments before an extended interview with Nats320 that will be posted later. "Mr. Quote Of Day" contender along with Livan Hernandez this 2011 spring training season.

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Sam D. Mann said...

I hope that you guys enjoy the rest of your trip. Amber and I hope to see you both soon at Nationals Park. Take care.