Friday, February 25, 2011

Garrett Mock With The Quote Of The Day--2/25/2011

The African Queen and Garrett Mock have a running conversation that has permeated their encounters these past few days.

On the first day we attended Spring Training for Our Washington Nationals, The African Queen is chatting with Garrett Mock and he tells her how his son wanted to go out to the beach at night:

Mock: "Since it was a full moon we went crabbing on the beach."

A child's wish which his father granted.

This afternoon after practice ended, Garrett comes over to say hello and Sohna asks him: "Have you gone crabbing with your son lately?"

Mock: "No. But we went crocodile hunting yesterday?"

The African Queen: "And where around here would you go crocodile hunting?"

Mock: "In our living room!!"

Flat out funny.

We've got to tell you every single person within earshot broke into laughter. Mock smiling because he knew he had gotten off The Quote Of The Day to The African Queen.

Photo Credit--Nats320--All Rights Reserved

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