Friday, February 25, 2011

Mary & Mike--Expos/Nationals Fans

We are always fascinated by the many fans that come to Spring Training for Our Washington Nationals just out of love of their team.  Mary & Mike from Maine are perfect examples. For many years, they were ardent Montreal Expos Fans and even attended the final game Montreal ever played--at Shea Stadium--in 2004.  They witnessed the demise of their once proud franchise in Canada, but they never gave up on their players or their team when it moved to The United States Of America and this nation's capital for the 2005 season.

Today, Mary & Mike still support Washington's Major League Franchise, the former Montreal Expos, as their own.

Even after six years have passed since The Montreal Expos played their final game in Canada, this nice couple have stuck with their original franchise, Our Washington Nationals, as their favorite team. For Mary & Mike it's all about the dedication and fun of enjoying their Major League Team--through all the wins and losses.  They attend spring training each year, travel to various cities to watch ball games in the many unique ballparks (at least 25 different and counting) and, of course, have visited RFK Stadium and Nationals Park in Washington, D.C. during the regular season.

Mary & Mike are truly fans and they've been wonderful to meet and spend time with over the past few days in Viera, Florida. They are heading home tomorrow, driving all the way--33 hours worth--to Maine. Hopefully, Sohna and I will see them again at Nationals Park this summer. Or maybe, at a visiting ballpark on the road.  And if not, definitely at Spring Training 2012--somewhere in Florida.

Safe travels, Mary & Mike.  The African Queen & I had great time chatting with both of you.

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Unknown said...

nice story. My in-laws are from Upstate NY about 40 miles south of Montreal and were fans. They now come down to DC to see them (and to visit with us). How long are you going to be in Viera? My Dad, little brother and friend had the pleasure of sitting next to you at a game last spring training for the "Wille Harris Gem/Man in way too warm of a hat" game. We are headed down for games on 10th-12th this year. Will keep an eye out for ya if your still down there. Mike from DC

Screech's Best Friend said...

Mike Bowers: Thanks for chiming in. We remember last year's game at Space Coast Stadium with The Mets & Willie Harris and meeting your Dad, little brother and friend. Not sure if we will be down here the weekend of March 10th through 12th. But if we are, please stop us and say hello.

Edward J. Cunningham said...

You know that reminds me. Although I still believe that Montréal Expos history belongs in Montréal, I hope Nats fans applaud Vladimir Guerrero when he comes to Nats Park for the first time as a member of the Orioles. He is the greatest player who ever wore a Montréal Expo uniform and I hope my fellow Nats fans give him the respect he deserves.

Screech's Best Friend said...

Eddie: I would imagine that if Guerrero ever got elected to the Baseball Hall Of Fame and was inducted as an Expos--he would be added alongside Carter & Dawson in the Ring Of Fame at Nationals Park.