Sunday, February 20, 2011

Quote Of The Day--February 20th, 2011

The Quote Of The Day during Spring Training has been a Nats320 staple since the very beginning of Our Washington Nationals coverage five years ago. This year will be no different because John Dever, Sr. Director of Media Relations, got off a real good one late this morning at the Space Coast Stadium Practice Fields.

While Sohna and I are chatting with John about various things Nationals, the following conversation ensues. But first recall these details:

During the unveiling of the new 2011 uniforms back in November, Drew Storen had changed his Rookie Nationals Jersey Number from 58 to 25. This after being introduced at Nationals Park in 2009 wearing Number 26--then going on to wear 38 in Instructional League and 17 in the Arizona Fall League. Now, after Adam LaRoche took Number 25 after signing with Washington, Drew switched to Number 22.

SBF: So John, when the 2011 Media Guide comes out will Drew Storen be officially listed as having worn Number 25?

John Dever: There are players like Jerry Hairston, Jr. that want to play all nine positions during one Major League game.  Then there is Drew Storen who apparently wants to wear all the possible jersey numbers during his professional career. He's got a good head start on reaching that goal."


But John didn't actually confirm nor deny that Number 25 will be listed in the 2011 Media Guide as being a Jersey Number worn by Drew Storen.

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