Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Michael Morse--The Quote Of The Day 2/23/11

Chatting with Michael Morse during an extended interview this afternoon, Nats320 asked "Mikey Mo" about his workouts with Spring Instructor Tony Beasley after the regular practice session ended.

Morse responded with the Quote Of The Day:

Nats320: We just saw you at 3rd Base taking grounders."

Morse: "Yeah, I'm just trying to beat Zim out for the job! I'm going to give him some serious competition!!"

Everybody busting out laughing. Michael has a great attitude.

Morse talked with Sohna and I at length about his outlook heading into his 2nd full season wearing a uniform for Our Washington Nationals. He was rolling with the soundbites. Once we transcribe that conversation, the entire chat will be posted on Nats320.

Coming later tonight, a complete look at today's 2nd Full Day Of Training Camp.  Chien-Ming Wang, Livan Hernandez, Jordan Zimmermann, Jason Marquis, Ross Detwiler and Drew Storen all threw live batting practice this morning.

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Positively Half St. said...

That's quite an advance for Wang. Perhaps he is finally getting close.