Tuesday, January 26, 2010

2010 NatsFest Road Map & Information Guide

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Here is the complete 2010 NatsFest Road Map for this coming Sunday at Nationals Park. A full information guide included within both pictures provided in this post. The same map and information guide will be handed out to all fans when they enter the South Capitol Street Ballpark on January 31st. This will allow Nats320 readers an advanced start in making their preparations and adjusting their visit schedule accordingly.

The player photo stations will be located inside the Visitor Clubhouse and The Media Press Conference Room. Tours available in the Home Clubhouse. Ryan Zimmerman's Gold Glove & Silver Slugger Awards will be on display in The Lexus Presidents Club. Autograph Stations will be on the 1st & 3rd Base sides of The Stars & Stripes Club. The Q & A Sessions will take place inside The Red Porch Restaurant, but to attend a Q & A session--YOU MUST FIRST sign up at The Exxon Kids Zone under Garage C. The actual Kids Zone (for childrens' play) will be set up in The Conference Center (rooms 3 & 4) on second level of Nationals Park. The Washington Nationals Dream Foundation will be selling memorabilia in The Presidents Club. And for $1 fans can take swings in Our Washington Nationals Batting Cages--proceeds going directly to The Haiti Earthquake Relief Fund via UNICEF. Giffords will offer up free ice Cream and two food stations (for purchases) will be open in The Stars & Stripes Club. MASN will also have a Grin & Grab Giveaway in Conference Room 6. And The Team Store in Centerfield Plaza will be open for business.

Complete timing of each scheduled event in the photo below.

Plan Accordingly.


Wooden U. Lykteneau said...

Do the Nationals plan on opening multiple gates this year and NOT allowing Metro users to cut in line?

An Briosca Mor said...

The Red Porch would appear to be a smaller location for the Q&A sessions than the PNC Diamond Club that was used last year. Do you know if they plan to limit us to signing up in advance for only one session, or can people who get there first sign up for three or four of them and fill them all up right off the bat? Last year it seemed like the same people trooped back in for all the sessions even though they cleared the room in between (I was one of them) so I would expect the same thing again this year unless they don't allow it.