Sunday, January 24, 2010

Deservedly Won

The very night Our Washington Nationals deservedly win their first National League Championship--the celebration will be just as wonderful as those many thousands, if not millions, of New Orleans Saints Fans are experiencing tonight on Bourbon Street in Louisiana and throughout Bayou Country. The Saints are going to The Super Bowl after winning a wonderful playoff game!! Who would have believed that? They've been a doormat for far too long throughout their over four decades of history.

Hopefully, Washington's initial N.L. Baseball Title will not take as long. Just think--the entire 33 years D.C. went without a Major League Baseball Team--The Saints only finished above .500 seven times (not once during their first 21 seasons of play) and only made the post-season five times, total. That's a lot of losing. So 43 years after playing your very first game in The National Football League and FINALLY advancing to The Super Bowl--that's got to be a pretty sweet feeling!!

Tonight's 'Who Dat' Victory Is Good for Football. Good for The Saints. And Wonderful for The City Of New Orleans!!

Remember, The Washington Senators were still playing, at then still originally named D.C. Stadium, when The New Orleans Saints competed in their first regular season game versus The Los Angeles Rams. The Inaugural Game on September 17, 1967 in which John Gilliam took the game's opening kickoff for The Saints--at Tulane Stadium--and ran the football 94 yards into the end zone for a Touchdown.

Yeah, he did.

And some would say--its been all downhill for The Saints since. At least until this night.

The African Queen and I can't wait to experience that unfiltered joy resulting from Our Washington Nationals winning that first league title--hopefully far sooner than New Orleans did--OK Guys?

An honor now bestowed on The Saints this Sunday. National Football Conference Champions.

Truly, a wonderful day in American Sport because a longtime underdog rose to the top. And Deservedly Won.

Here's hoping The New Orleans Saints Win The Super Bowl too!!

That's worth rooting for.

Only to be exceeded for us, when The Nation's Capital is the home to the Champion of Baseball.

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maestro said...

The Vikings gave away the game.
The Saints decision to beat-up Favre, and take the 15 yard penalties for it, to reduce his effectiveness, was sleazy.