Friday, January 08, 2010

Winter Caravan/NatsFest Update

Confirmed today by Our Washington Nationals, Ryan Zimmerman will only being posing for pictures during his appearances at the upcoming 2010 Winter Caravan and NatsFest Events. He WILL NOT be signing autographs.

Also, The Unity Health Care "Meet & Greet"--the first of the Winter Caravan stops--is a private event. You may recall The Washington Nationals Dream Foundation recently helped renovate the SW D.C. Health Center and Our Washington Nationals are heading over to the facility to donate children's books while greeting medical staff and patients.

Additionally, the Ben's Chili Bowl event scheduled for Thursday, January 28th is a semi-private event. Ben's Chili Bowl will be inviting some of their best customers and patrons to the not too large and narrow U Street Eatery. This stop will include just a quick lunch, a photo op and a few autographs for one of Nationals Park's biggest and locally famous concessionaires.

Finally, there has been talk elsewhere online that certain players first listed on Our Washington Nationals Press Release are not coming to the Winter Caravan/NatsFest now. That fluctuation in names being dropped on the team's website is due to all travel arrangements not being confirmed. Once that is worked out, the final composition of players will be posted.


Chris Needham said...

I'm sure glad that Ryan needs that extra money he took in exchange for the no autographs policy. Times are tough, and every extra penny sure will help that young man.

Georgeoffer said...

Really bummed out that they haven't announced the sale of the NatFest tickets. I like almost 4 hours away and no way I could do season tickets but I go to as many games as I can and want to go to NatsFest and will be devastated if I don't get to go. because they don't sell tickets to non season ticket holders.

dcbatgirl said...

This batgirl prefers looking for the positive, but has to support Chris here.

Ryan will never be my favorite player because of his no autographs arrangement, and I would go one step further and say that *all* players on the 40-man roster should be encouraged, if not required, to participate fully in fan appreciation events. It is part of their job, and their employer should pay for travel and lodging if necessary to facilitate their participation.

Screech's Best Friend said...

Georgeoffer: The team originally stated limited individual tickets might be sold and that announcement will most likely come next week. That has not changed as far as I know.