Thursday, January 21, 2010

MASN's 2010 Nationals Television Schedule

The Mid-Atlantic Sports Network today officially announced the televising of all 162 Regular Season Games of Our Washington Nationals in HD. 95 Games on MASN HD and the remaining 67 on MASN 2 HD. Additionally, every Sunday game will be broadcast the old fashioned way--over the air--on DC50. And a total of 20 games will simulcast throughout 2010 on Channel 50--including Opening Day versus The Philadelphia Phillies at Nationals Park (April 5th).

If you don't have HD?

Don't worry--MASN will also broadcast every single Nationals Game in standard definition as well.

Here is the PDF file of MASN's Nats Schedule (Or just click the picture above to enlarge).

Here is the official press release from MASN including the broadcasts of the Network's Owner--The Baltimore Orioles:

MASN Announces 2010 Baseball Television Schedule

Every Play, Every Game in HD

MASN, the television home of the Washington Nationals and Baltimore Orioles, announced today its Major League Baseball programming schedule for the 2010 season. With the April launch of MASN2 HD, MASN will carry every game and every play -- 320 MLB games -- in high definition throughout the season.

The Nationals will have 95 live games on MASN and MASH HD and an additional 67 on MASN2 and MASN2 HD. Washington DC-area viewers will also be able to watch nearly every Sunday afternoon Nationals game on MASN's over-the-air partner, DC50. MASN's partnership with DC50 will feature 20 Nationals games, including Opening Day, simulcast on the Washington broadcast network.

The Orioles will play 95 games live on MASN and MASN HD and 63 games on MASN2 and MASN2 HD. Viewers in the Baltimore area will be able to watch 20 MASN-produced Orioles games simulcast on the network's over-the-air partner, WJZ-TV Channel 13. Three games are currently scheduled to appear on national networks.

"MASN continues to raise the bar for regional sports programming by featuring every single Nationals and Orioles game in glorious HD. With MASN's innovative in-game technology, national-caliber broadcasters and 24/7 coverage of the Nationals and Orioles, MASN is providing maximum access to baseball fans," said MASN spokesman Todd Webster. "Nats and O's fans only need to know two channel positions on their remote control to watch every Nats and O's game in HD."

The easiest way for fans to locate MASN, MASN2, MASN HD and MASN2 HD will be for viewers to check their on-screen channel guides using their television remote. A full listing of cable, satellite and fiber optic channel positions will be available at Fans can also pick up MASN's television schedule at both teams' FanFest celebrations in January. The Orioles' FanFest is Saturday, January 23 and the Nationals' NatsFest is Sunday, January 31.

With Every Play and Every Game in crystal clear high definition, pre and post game shows before and after every game, an All Star talent team, and 24/7 online coverage at, MASN is the home of the Baltimore Orioles and Washington Nationals.

The Nationals television schedule is available here:

The Orioles television schedule is available here:


Anonymous said...

I don't understand why one team doesn't have all of its games on MASN and the other have all of its game son MASN2. That way we wouldn't always have to check on which channel to watch for the Nats on.

Screech's Best Friend said...

gleason2: I've heard others say this elsewhere. There should be a Nats/Washington Area Channel and an Orioles/Baltimore Area Channel--during the baseball season. Maybe they don't have enough programming over the winter--but from April through September it's pretty packed. Seems reasonable. It would also be nice if MASN had more Washington centric programming. Too much Maryland based stuff still after five seasons.

Edward J. Cunningham said...

I think the answer to SBF's reply is obvious---the Orioles are desperate to hang onto every D.C. area baseball fan (I call them "traitors") that they have. They're afraid that if the Orioles were broadcast on a Baltimore-only TV station, D.C. fans might not have access to the games or worse---get a clue and realize the Orioles are Baltimore's team---not ours. I think the Orioles are also hoping that some Nats fans may switch over to the "dark side" by hopefully watching an Orioles game by mistake.

An Briosca Mor said...

The reason one team isn't on MASN all the time and the other one on MASN2 all the time is simple. MASN2 is nothing more than an overflow channel. They don't use it unless there are two games at the same time. The rest of the time it is dark. I'm sure various cable systems handle this differently, but on Cox in Fairfax the MASN2 channel is showing some other channel's programming when MASN2 is dark. Maybe on some cable systems they are just leaving that channel dark when games are not on, or perhaps they are simulcasting MASN. But whatever they are doing, it's still an overflow channel. And if you stick one of your two teams on the overflow channel all the time, you have two big problems. (1) You are dissing one of your two teams. (2) When your overflow team is playing but your main team isn't, what do you show on your main channel? After all, the point of your network is to first and foremost show the games.

Now yes, they could do as SBF suggests and have a Baltimore MASN for the Orioles and a DC MASN for the Nats. But that would only work if they did not broadcast all of the O's games in DC and all of the Nats games in Baltimore. Such a thing might work in Baltimore (does anyone up there even watch the Nats?) but in DC it would be an issue because the Washington Post and others would have us believe that this area is swarming with O's fans who would be very upset if they couldn't watch every single game on TV. Maybe it's time that theory was put to the test. The Washington Post is hanging on without its saturation O's coverage now that it finally has wised up. Surely MASN could too.

paul said...

I am sure FOX and ESPN will regret snubbing the Nats yet again!

Unknown said...

Bring back Rob Dibble. His replacement this year is horrendous. Have to watch the broadcasts with the sound off!