Wednesday, January 20, 2010


If you've followed the hard news over the past eight days, you can imagine that our real jobs have kept us quite busy--like 24 hours per day. Also, you can't really describe this past week unless you were actually there and experienced it--first hand. So with that being said, Sohna and I are just decompressing now--gearing up for more baseball involving Our Washington Nationals very, very soon. As it turned out, not a whole lot really happened involving Nats Baseball these past eight days--except for the fact Major League Baseball started selling Washington's new batting practice cap on their online website.

Excited about the original concept, the final design and implementation by MLB simply doesn't work. Why mess with perfection? The Red Curly "W" Cap is terrific in its own right. The two lines now placed across the bill are distracting--and they are too thin. Also, the corresponding lines running down the crown's seams would be fine it they were thicker and incorporated between all six seams--and be ALL WHITE, not blue. Instead, the 2010 Batting Practice Cap just looks disfigured--another artist's rendition that doesn't work--similar to those three statues in Center Field Plaza at Nationals Park.

But on another note involving baseball caps, the two new cold weather authentic caps are worth picking up just for the Elmer Fudd look at a Nats Game. They are hilarious!!

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SenatorNat said...

I think that if they installed a white cup holder on the bill, it would work. Otherwise I agree. (FLOP likes it, however!)

Trust in Mark Lerner's taste in art. Especially if one has an enormous trust fund. All interest - ing.