Friday, January 01, 2010

Outs & Ins For 2009 & 2010

Happy New Year!!

As has become tradition here at Nats320, we couldn't begin 2010 without looking back at 2009. So here is Our Annual Nats320 Outs & Ins List.

In No Particular Order:

Out: Jim Bowden as GM
In: Mike Rizzo

Out: Toolsy Outfielders
In: Major League Talent

Out: Ex-Cincinnati Reds
In: A Well-rounded & Experienced Baseball Operations Front Office Staff

Out: Esmailyn Gonzalez
In: Carlos Alvarez (his real name)

Out: San Cristobal Dominican Academy
In: Boca Chica Dominican Academy

Out: Taking Chances On Too Many "Problem" Players
In: Educated & Informed Choices

Out Flair & Panache
In: Accountability

Out: Immaturity & Bad Attitudes
In: Quality Make Up & Team Spirit

Out: Laughingstock
In: More League-wide Respect

Out: Two Straight 100-Loss Seasons
In: A more competitive team in 2010

Out: Manny Acta as Manager
In: Jim Riggleman

Out: Nick Johnson @ 1st Base
In: Adam Dunn

Out: Lastings Milledge
In: Nyjer Morgan

Out: Aaron Crow
In: Drew Storen

Out: Josh Bard
In: Pudge Rodriguez

Out: Joel Hanrahan
In: Matt Capps

Out: Daniel Cabrera
In: Jason Marquis

Out: Logan Kensing
In: Kensing Was Out So Many Times in 2009, It's Hard To Believe He Made It Back In For 2010 (Remarkable Actually)

Out: "Bling, Bling" (Jesus Colome)
In: Tyler Clippard & His Cool Eyeglasses

Out: "The Ballplayer" (Ronnie Belliard)
In: No one just yet at Second Base (Cristian Guzman Reportedly)

Out: "The Guz" at Shortstop (Reportedly)
In: Ian Desmond

Out: Randy St. Claire as Pitching Coach
In: Steve McCatty

Out: Ryan Zimmerman's Potential
In: The Z-Man Has Arrived (Gold Glove, Silver Slugger, 33 Home Runs, 106 RBI)

Out: Injured Players Jesus Flores, Roger Bernadina & Matt Chico
In: Fully Healthy & Ready To Compete For Jobs In Spring Training--Flores, Bernadina & Chico

Out: Top 10 Prospects--Jack McGeary, Adrian Nieto, J.P. Ramirez, Esmailyn Gonzalez (According to Baseball America)
In: Top 10 Prospects--Stephen Strasburg, Drew Storen, Ian Desmond, Jeff Kobernus & Justin Maxwell (What A Different Talent Level That Is)

Out: Crossing Your Fingers, Hoping For The Best
In: Real Hope For The Future (Near & Long-Term)

Out: Too Many Silly Errors
In: Stronger Team Defensively (hopefully)

Out: Our Awful Bullpen
In: Bullpen More In Line With The Quality Seen In 2005 & 2006

Out: Centerplate
In: Levy Restaurants

Out: Less Than Stellar Concession Service
In: Better Service But Still Needs Improvement

Out: Red, Hot & Blue
In: Teddy's Barbecue

Out: Free Nats Express Shuttle
In: $5 & $10 Parking Near Nationals Park

Out: Less Options To Get To Nationals Park
In: Water Taxi From Alexandria & National Harbor

Out: Bobblebelly Screech
In: Leaner & Trimmer Screech

Out: Block "Washington" Lettering
In: Script Curly "W" & Washington

Out: Blue Curly "W" Batting Practice Cap
In: Red Curly "W" Batting Practice Cap

Out: Blue Sleeves, Belts & Socks With Away Uniform
In: Red Sleeves, Belts & Socks With Away Uniform

Out: The Three Statues @ Nationals Park
In: They Are Still In The Park But Many Would Like To See Them Put Out

Out: Some Games In HD On MASN
In: All Games In HD On MASN

Out: AM Only Radio Games
In: Not Solved Yet, But Charlie Slowes & Dave Jageler Need A Strong FM Signal

Out: Washington Times Baseball Coverage
In: ?

And finally--

Also Very Much On The Outs: Austin Kearns, Dmitri Young, Anderson Hernandez, Alex Cintron, Corey Patterson, Saul Rivera, Mike Hinkley, Kip Wells, Steven Shell, Jorge Sosa, Joe Beimel, Zack Segovia, Julian Tavarez, Ron Villone & Mike MacDougal

Very Much Ins (For Now): Sean Burnett, Victor Garate, Ross Detwiler, Scott Olsen, J.D. Martin, Craig Stammen, Doug Slaten, Eddie Guardado, Brian Bruney, Mike Morse, Eric Bruntlett & Jerry Owens

If you have any additions to the list, please put them in the comment area.

Here's to a fun and enjoyable 2010 with Our Washington Nationals!!--The 5th Season Of Nats320. This post being #1511 in our short history.


Friend of 10m Fan said...

Only one I'll really miss is Nieves - loved watching the WTOP guys dancing in their perch to Wil's song. 10 Millionth Fan & I are headed for Spring Training in March. Read your last year's posts and wonder if it's worth non-press/bloggers showing up a few days early (pre-games) to watch them practice.

3rdStoneFromTheSun said...

happy new year

An Briosca Mor said...

Nieves was tendered a contract in December and he'll go to arbitration with the Nats. He's currently on the 40 man roster. He could well be back in 2010 for at least part of the season if not all of it.