Thursday, July 29, 2010

Class Act

We don't know a single thing about catching prospect Wilson Ramos or pitcher Joe Testa, widely reported to be acquired tonight from The Minnesota Twins by Our Washington Nationals for Matt Capps. And we are not going to pretend to either. But The African Queen and I do know that Matt Capps is a decent person and we enjoyed watching him perform on the mound wearing The Curly "W". Thrown off the cliff by The Pittsburgh Pirates last winter, Capps enjoyed a renaissance season closing games in The Nation's Capital. He solidified the back end of Washington's bullpen, made the National League All-Star team and showed up for countless community events.

From the very first moment Sohna and I first meet Matt Capps, we knew he was a class act. As we've stated many times before, the hardest part of being a fan of Our Washington Nationals is watching the good people, the one's we know are quality human beings, sent packing to another team. The business side of the game is many times hard to swallow.

We enjoyed Matt Capps wearing a Washington Nationals uniform and only wish him the very best in Minnesota or wherever his Major League career eventually continues after 2010. And you can bet, if The Twins make the playoffs this season, Nats320 is rooting for Minnesota in The American League post-season.

Good Luck Matt, Sohna and I only wish the best for you and Jennifer.

We will miss you.

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Sam D. Mann said...

Matt is without question one of the nicest players that I've ever had the pleasure to meet. In Viera, upon seeing my wife's UWG (University of West Georgia)shirt, he promptly stopped and told us that his brother attended UWG. After practice he stopped and talked about the programs of study, campus, etc. He was very friendly to say the least.
I wish Capps well in Minnesota and am very to proud that he is a native of my home state.
I had really hoped that the Nats would keep him so that Storen would have a little more time to grow into the role.

SenatorNat said...

This is a very prudent move by Nats at the right juncture - maximize the value by a last-place team for a closer essential for a team which must win its division to make the play-offs and avoid $7-8 million next year in payroll when team has slotted a guy in for that role anyway. The idea of getting a major league ready 22 year-old catcher from a team where Joe Mauer resides sounds very promising, too. If Ramos is the real deal, this is a fantastic move, despite losing a very good guy and reliable closer.

Rizzo and his assistants deserve kudos for coaxing Capps here instead of the Cubs and for making this move now for a young promising catcher. Should Flores make it back next year, it is all the better, as the Nats could sure use that kind of good fortune, for a change.

Give'm the Axe, the Axe, and the Axe. And trust that Drew knows exactly what I mean. All better.

An Briosca Mor said...

SenatorNat, would you not agree though that it is a terrible shame that Matt Capps did not survive long enough in this town to see the giant iconic baseball rise up like a phoenix from that gaping hole in centerfield? Or is that perhaps what the saved $7M is designated for?

Next question. I just recently bought a personalized Williamham jersey at the team store. Factory second, though, they spelled the name wrong. But I got a few bucks off on account of that. Do you think he will get traded and make my jersey as obsolete and irrelevant as the one sported by this poor fellow I saw at the game the other night - BALESTER 40?