Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Zimmerman Wounded Warrior Project Collectible Baseball

As an addition to Our Washington Nationals Ryan Zimmerman teaming up with The Wounded Warrior Project, a special collectible baseball is now available at select Washington, D.C. area Wal-Marts. You may recall Nats320's story from May 28th where 26 Major League Ballplayers joined the effort to help injured servicemen and women with their rehabilitation, mental health and well being. Select Wal-Marts around the USA are carrying special military motif tee-shirts and hats. All proceeds going directly to The Wounded Warrior Project.

On Monday afternoon, Sohna and I came across this special Wounded Warrior Project/Ryan Zimmerman Camo Baseball, with protective cube included, at the Fair Lakes Wal-Mart in Fairfax, Virginia (Hat Tip to a loyal Nats320 reader for the heads up). We had never seen them at our Alexandria Wal-Mart (although they are carrying the tees and caps).

This very shiny $10 baseball is actually quite nice. Two photos of The Z-Man. One from his younger years at The University Of Virginia and the other a more recent action shot during a baseball game for Our Washington Nationals. No team logos present as this is a joint venture between the Major League Baseball Players Association and The Wounded Warrior Project--not Major League Baseball. The ball includes Ryan's facsimile autograph, his name and number printed on the "sweet spot" and The Wounded Warrior Project logo. The protective case describes the mission of The Wounded Warrior Project.

Just thought we would pass along the update as we know the Ryan Zimmerman shirts and caps have been very popular at Northern Virginia Wal-Marts over the past two months.
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