Friday, July 30, 2010

No Lose Situation For Guz

Tanner Roark and Ryan Tatusko the reported two pitching prospects received from Texas. Roark as some decent pitching numbers. Tatusko, if anything, is a late bloomer. He's 25 years old. Roark is 23. But neither are top prospects.

Not only is it impressive that Our General Manager Mike Rizzo convinced Cristian Guzman to agree to a trade today to The Texas Rangers, (Guzman didn't have to having played for at least 10 years in the majors including five straight with the same team) but also smart on Guzzie's part to take the bait. With his contract coming to an end, playing for a last place team and receiving less and less playing time in D.C.--Guzman is now thrust right back into the spotlight of an American League Pennant race--where he will start until Ian Kinsler returns from the Disabled List for Texas. And will be given every opportunity to impress every other team in the game for a potential 2011 and beyond contract.

Guzman is now in a no lose situation--just like Mike Rizzo is in turning this trade for reportedly two Texas pitching prospects.

Both Cristian Guzman (the longest tenured player in Nats History) and Our Washington Nationals are better positioned by this trade. A win for the traded veteran and a win for his former team.

And you have to give Guzman credit here. He's been nothing but a team player throughout his career in D.C. He's never complained, not even after Washington moved Ian Desmond into his starting shortstop position this year. Guzzie hustled each and every time he was put in the lineup. He earned our respect and our appreciation for all of that. And was a true professional to the very end--even in accepting the very trade, he didn't have to--which sent him away from his full time, year round, home over the past six years--Washington D.C.


Laurie said...

This time of year is tough. I will miss Guz..another class act

Unknown said...

Guzzie was a great player and a wonderful asset to the team. He hussled, played all the time, and (from all one can tell from the reports) was always a stand-up guy.

I couldn't believe Ray Knight tonight on the pre-game show talking trash about Guzzie slowing down and giving up.

I also can't believe Knight comparing Guzzie and Desmond. Desmond may SOME DAY grow into the job - but right now he's a weak hitting SS with by far the worst fielding percentage at the position. Mr. Knight, I know Guzzie, Guzzie is a friend of mine (I wish), and Ian Desmond is NO Cristian Guzman.

paul said...

What did Leo used to say? Nice guys. Finish last.