Friday, July 30, 2010

One Of Our Favorite Guz Stories

Last year when Cristian Guzman was having bunion issues and couldn't run well at all, Our Washington Nationals had to sit Guzzie down for a spell because he always insisted he could play and contribute to his team. Sohna and I ended up talking with Radio Broadcaster Charlie Slowes about exactly that a little bit later in 2009. How badly "The Guz" wants to play every day?

And Charlie got off this wonderful line about Guzman:

"If Cristian Guzman got into a car accident coming to the ballpark and broke an arm or a leg, he would still show up and insist that he could play that day. That's the way he is. He never complains about anything."

We've never forgotten that comment and it truly does show that Cristian Guzman is a professional.

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