Sunday, July 25, 2010

God Had Spoken & It Was A Good One

Suffering from throat cancer, former National League Umpire, Doug Harvey was inducted into the Baseball Hall Of Fame & Museum in Cooperstown, New York today. Although on hand for the ceremony in upper state New York, "God's" induction speech was taped in advance because of his medical condition. Watching it live on the MLB Network this afternoon, Sohna and I believe it might have been the most inspiring speech in the history of The Baseball Hall Of Fame & Museum.

Doug Harvey talked about family. He spoke about believing in one's self. And he demanded of everyone listening--to succeed you have to be ready when the calling comes. There are no short cuts. Speaking totally from the heart, this Hall Of Fame Arbiter had his fellow Hall Of Fame colleagues and fans in attendance--all watching on a big screen--in tears.

Doug Harvey himself broke down and cried at the end of his taped speech.

Just like everyone watching in Coooperstown, New York, there wasn't a dry eye in our house either. "God" had spoken and proved once and for all--Doug Harvey is a Hall Of Famer, not only in baseball, but life itself.

If you have the opportunity to watch the replay on the MLB Network, YOU MUST, because Doug Harvey's Hall Of Fame Induction Speech is MUST SEE TV.


P.S. Two of the best quotes from Hall Of Fame Induction Day:

Harvey: "As an umpire I know it's important to touch home plate. To be a true baseball fan, you must touch home too. And Cooperstown is home plate. Every baseball fan must come to Cooperstown at least once in their lifetime."

Whitey Herzog: Ending his induction speech, Whitey Herzog said people always ask him since being voted into Cooperstown--what's it like to be a Hall Of Famer? His response has always been: "I won't know what it's like until July 25th?"

After today: "Now I can tell you--being inducted into the Hall of Fame is like going to heaven while still alive."

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Sam D. Mann said...

I agree. Harvey's speech left me with tears in my eyes and the tought of planning a trip to Cooperstown in my mind.