Tuesday, December 08, 2009


"Following in the footsteps of Paul LoDuca and Dmitri Young, another bad [signing] by the Nationals," stated Jim Bowden on Sirus XM Home Plate today at The Winter Meetings in Indianapolis in a discussion about Our Washington Nationals signing Ivan "Pudge" Rodriguez to a two year (now down to $5 million) contract.

As incredulous as I was over reading the quote, The African Queen was aghast over hearing it.

Shameless is the only way to describe it, maybe, classless too.

And who exactly decided to sign Paul LoDuca and Dmitri Young to contracts? At least one can expect a team player that works hard and comes to the park every day to play in "Pudge", no matter how many games he eventually plays for Washington. Not effort received from LoDuca and Young after signing $5 Million Dollar contracts to play here.

Sohna and I are very disappointed that Jim Bowden made this comment today. He can criticize the Rodriguez signing all he wants, but looping this into his LoDuca and Young signings and not mentioning his responsibility--utterly ridiculous.


Tom said...

I'll bet JimBo can't even remember who the Nats GM was before Rizzo.

Mark L. said...

Pudge was a bad signing. He is no longer a replacement-level hitter and his pitch calling caters to his strengths (calling fastballs so he can get a jump on potential basestealers) rather than those of the guy on the mound. $6 million is way too much to guarantee to someone that unproductive when actual plus defenders with similar bats like J. Molina, R. Castro and B. Ausmus are likely to get one year deals

Unknown said...

I'm not a Bowden fan, AT ALL, but did you happen to read the rest of what he said?

"This time by a new GM, at least,"


"At least a different GM is making this decision along with Stan Kasten and the organization,"

Pretty clear he's talking about himself.

Screech's Best Friend said...

ckstevenson: Yeah, I read the whole thing, but it's the fact that he may allude to himself later, but Bowden doesn't come clear that it was him that made the moves for LoDuca and Young. Sure, you and I and every Nats Fan knows that. Most other baseball listeners on the program--probably not. It's the way the sentence was stated that was wrong. Thanks.

paul said...

The OJ Simpson of GM's?

Laurie said...

Jim Bowden needs to be drug tested!! Not only for the bone headed signings he did while with the Nats, now for the stupid comments. He is shamless. I hope we rid of all of his mess and move on..

Record digger said...

I didn't think it was that bad because anyone who knows anything about the Nats knows Bowden is taking responsibility for bad signings.

Bowden was not a good GM but now its easy to blame every problem on him. The key was to hold him accountable while it happened. Nobody did that.

jw said...

People who live in glass houses shouldn't throw stones. With a history of signing PLod, FLop and D-Meat, Mr. Bowden is living in the Crystal Cathedral.