Sunday, December 06, 2009

Don't Believe The Noise

Don't believe the rumors this week.

Don't trust all the chatter.

Most all of it will be worthless.

Regard everything heard at The Winter Meetings this week in Indianapolis as scuttlebutt--because someone is attempting to further their own personal agenda.

Little of which will benefit Our Washington Nationals.

Agents are going to be swarming--talking up the players they represent. Possible suitors will be thrown out publicy--whether there is one-iota of truth to the matter or not.

Teams will float "such and such" is available for trade. Franchises are "reportedly" targeting that player--will be written. That's why reported today that Josh Willingham is on the trading block to The New York Mets. Or, somebody else will state that "Mega" deal is in the works.

Just simple stoking of the Hot Stove Fires.

Yeah, I bet The Mets would like Josh Willingham too. Well, I want Johan Santana on Our Staff. But unless both sides come to the table with serious offerings--this latest whisper is just static. Exactly what most of these Winter Meetings will encompass--when it comes to player transactions. People can dream all they want, but everyone has to realize any player swap is serious business. Final decisions that can't be reached without a due diligence of discussion and consideration.

Sure, future Hall Of Famer John Smoltz would bolster our young and impressionable pitching staff. He would be beneficial in D.C. even if Smoltz only won five games for Washington all 2010. A pseudo pitching coach that could lead by example may have long-term ramifications here. Few players of recent generations have been so competitive as John.

Having Guts Rubs Off.

Yet, John Smoltz is only going to call The Nation's Capital his home next season, if and only if, no contender wants him on their staff. Look, Smoltzie only has so many throws left in his once Golden Arm. He's 43 Years Old. He wants to win--now--as a player--not a coach.

Don't believe the noise.

Remember as this week commences, most every single rumor thrown out by Fox Sports concerning Our Washington Nationals this just completed season--has been wrong. Mike Rizzo wasn't even on Yahoo! Sports radar to become Our General Manager--even after Rizzo led negotiations and signed Stephen Strasburg.

Believe common sense this week--not the buzz.

Accept this week, these Winter Meetings are the beginning of the real off-season, not the finish line.

Consider that any move made by Our Washington Nationals will come totally out of the blue.

Understand that while wheeling and dealing and chatter among GM's and Front Office Staff locked up inside hotel suites will be a 24-Hour Per Day process in Indianapolis--nothing is going to happen unless, and until, Team President Stan Kasten, Mike Rizzo and his Baseball Staff feel comfortable with any transaction.

Our Washington Nationals are not going to Win The World Series in Indiana beginning Monday morning. Our Team has a long way to go. But realize, December 7th is the beginning of the next steps laying down a solid foundation to build upon. The finding of intangible parts needed to give D.C.'s Fans a winning product on the field. Trades may not be culminated by this Friday, but steps can be laid for future consummation.

The 25-Man Roster needs to be announced for April 5th, 2010--not by December 11th, 2009.

Expect to see Our Washington Nationals Baseball Staff make cognitive progress this coming week at The Winter Meetings. Don't assume any swap for just swaps sake. No deals just to look busy.

Forsee Mike Rizzo's first Winter Meetings as General Manager Of Our Washington Nationals as another incremental step in the overhaul of Our Franchise. The continuing process Mr. Rizzo started months ago to build a winner, methodically, and for years to come for The District Of Columbia.

Contemplate wise, intelligent and well thought out decisions this coming five days.

Expect to see vision.

Wish to see Our Washington Nationals be respected throughout the game.

Imagine truly witnessing the light emerge from the end of that long tunnel for Our Washington Nationals.

But don't look for any showboating this week, nor much glory.

Just Professional Management.

And no matter what-- don't believe the noise.

Sit back, wait & see what develops.

Remember--rumors don't win the day.

Results do.

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jw said...

This is the entry from Ted's Take from December 4. I haven't had a chance to watch the documentary, but it looks like fun.

The Game Comes Home

Here is a sweet documentary about baseball in Washington, DC. For those of you who grew up here, I believe you will truly enjoy this film.

We are so pleased to bring you these unique and important films on Check this one out this weekend. Go Nationals!

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3rdStoneFromTheSun said...

isn't Smoltz more a pitching coach these days?

only way Josh is a Met is if they give up MLB arms

Maine and a reliever?