Tuesday, December 08, 2009


The fact that future Hall Of Fame Catcher Ivan Rodriguez will have the opportunity to teach and nurture Stephen Strasburg, Drew Storen, John Lannan and a host of other young pitchers that are currently in Our Washington Nationals system makes this morning's information that "Pudge" has signed a two-year deal to come to D.C. worthwhile. As mentioned in September, the 38 Year Old is on the downside of an illustrious career, but Rodriguez is a good fit here. He can be that mentor that can push and cajole others into getting better. Not only will Washington's hurlers benefit, but also Jesus Flores with his development behind the plate.

The other backstop choices available were not overly exciting anyway. Ivan is better today than both Wil Nieves and Josh Bard have ever been. Rodriguez is a quality professional talent. A corresponding roster move coming to add "Pudge" to the 40-Man Roster. Two years at $3 million per season the reported salary.

Of course, Rodriguez will, in all likelihood, don his customary Number 7. A number not one single player in the short history of Our Washington Nationals has been successful wearing.

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Tom said...

I believe Pudge made is reputation with his bat and arm not with how he managed his pitching staff. Actually the rap on him was he called for too many fastballs with runners on base so he could throw out runners. Still its a great, but expensive addition.
Rizzo must have a bigger budget to work with than Jimbo.