Saturday, December 19, 2009

Getting Our Red On In The Whiteout

The biggest snowstorm to hit the Washington, D.C. area in years and what did The African Queen and I do? We headed outside to play baseball. Yeah that's right, we were Getting Our Red On In The Whiteout. The snow so deep around our house in Alexandria, Virginia early this afternoon, the drifts at times were higher than Sohna's knees. Which made for quite the sight when she tried to throw her fastball right past me!! Where was My Best Friend!! Screech!! and The NatMobile when we really needed them? If only Our Racing Presidents could have posted up as well?

As it turned out with few others around and outside, Sohna and I settled for batting practice in the front yard!! Both of us wearing our Red Nationals Gamer Jackets and matching batting gloves. The African Queen the red winter knit cap; me, the red Curly "W" home cap. Below are some more pictures of Getting Our Red On In The Whiteout:

The African Queen looking to throw me a curve

SBF batting left-handed.

Sohna stepping up to the plate

SBF going all fastball today

The African Queen confident she could get me out

Taking the line drive off her bat

Just having a Great Time Getting Our Red On In The Whiteout. Nothing quite like baseball in a snowstorm.

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Edward J. Cunningham said...

I'll feel a little better about the snow once I am able to drive out! Of course, unless there's a heat wave (starting tomorrow) it's practically impossible for us not to have a white Christmas now!

P.S. Hope you got my card!

DND said...

Great Pictures and always that great team spirit. Merry Christmas and Happy Hollidays

paul said...

Nice batting stance, Sohna!

Bend your knees, everyone, when shoveling!

Screech's Best Friend said...

Eddie: Yes, we got your card. Thanks as always. Have a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

DND: Thanks for your continued support. Merry Christmas!!

Paul: Yeah, Sohna's getting the look down pretty good isn't she?