Saturday, December 12, 2009

Could It Be?

Update--The Washington Post now reporting Wil Nieves has been tendered a contract and will be offered arbitration. (7PM)

The non-tendering of Mike MacDougal tonight by Our Washington Nationals leaves no clear-cut leader in the clubhouse for job of closer on our ball club. The recently traded for Brian Bruney has been mentioned publicly as a possibility. Washington's 1st Round, Number 10 Pick Overall in the 2009 Entry Draft--Drew Storen--has been nominated as well, after he quickly moved up through the farm system since signing last June. But Drew is not guaranteed a roster spot come Opening Day--2010 either. Our General Manager Mike Rizzo has always stated no one will be rushed.

Could it be that Our GM has someone else on his radar? Certainly MacDougal will shop himself around looking for his own opportunity and is not certain to accept a lower salary (non-arbitration) to return here. Could it be that, maybe, Mike Gonzalez--the lefty former closer for both The Pittsburgh Pirates & The Atlanta Braves has emerged as signable? Or, maybe someone else?

Since taking the top Baseball Operation's Job, Rizzo always has seemed to have a plan in place. We can't imagine something else not being up his sleeve. The non-tendering of Mike MacDougal this evening opens up even more questions than it answers.

The fact that starting pitcher Scott Olsen was also non-tendered, as well, should not be much of a surprise. The lefty is coming off major surgery and there is no guarantee Olsen will be what he was three ago when Scott was a rising star with The Florida Marlins. He has consistently lost velocity on his fastball and any operation could only bring more concerns.

Could it be that Mike Rizzo needs whatever arbitration money Scott Olsen would have been guaranteed, so he can sign one of a handful of Free Agent Pitchers mentioned of late--Jon Garland, John Smoltz or Jason Marquis?

Also, no word yet that Mr. Rizzo has decided whether to keep three Major League caliber catchers in our system. Wil Nieves could become Washington's ace in the hole if either Jesus Flores or Pudge Rodriguez go down. But as of 6:30PM this December 12th, Nieves has not been offered arbitration or been non-tendered. Although, The Washington Times reports Nieves will be let go.

It appears Jason Bergmann, Sean Burnett, Jesus Flores and Josh Willingham will be offered arbitration contracts--none of which should be startling.

Or, could it be there are more surprises to come?


An Briosca Mor said...

Could it be that no other team is going to want MacDougal at the lower price he'd have to accept, so he'll sign back here? Could it be that Olsen will experience the same fate? Could it be that Rizzo already knows that? My guess is YES.

An Briosca Mor said...

Could it be that they already had the parameters of Olsen's $1M plus incentives deal laid out before they even non-tendered him? Could a similar deal for MacDougal be far behind?

Could things be any more different now than when JimBo was in charge?

Unknown said...

I have to agree... There's no way Olsen was non-tendered and re-signed that quick if something wasn't already in the works. Hopefully Rizzo also has something up his sleeve concerning a closer.