Friday, August 21, 2009

Nats Express Not Available for 2PM Press Conference

After some inquiries from fans, we checked, and Our Washington Nationals have confirmed that The Nats Express WILL NOT be in operation for this afternoon's Press Conference with Stephen Strasburg and NatsTown Hall Meeting beginning at 2pm at Nationals Park. The free park and ride service to and from RFK Stadium will be operating ONLY for it's normal game day hours--beginning 90 minutes before tonight's 7PM game with The Milwaukee Brewers.

Just passing along the information.


Anonymous said...

I see the Nats are taking deposits for 2010 season tickets and I also see they are sticking rigidly to their pricing structure on the PNC Diamond Seats and Presidential seats - ridiculous. Your thoughts, please.

An Briosca Mor said...

Speaking of Nats Express, last night as we got onto the bus at the end of the game they were handing out coupons for free parking in Lot HH, the $10 lot under 295 - also the furthest team-operated lot from the ballpark. The coupon is good for any game the remainder of this season, with one or two exceptions. Could this be a ploy to gauge interest in opening this lot up as free parking next year and eliminating the RFK shuttle?

John R. said...

At the 8/8 game we got a coupon for Lot W which we will use for tonight's game. I agree, ABM, that the Nationals would like to shut down the Nats Express lot. But I don't think they'll offer up free parking.

I do hope they keep the RFK lot in operation. It really is a great way to get to the ballpark from the Maryland side. How about a $5 per car fee? Or maybe the parking is free but the shuttle is $1 per person. (I was just in Ocean City and that's what they charged for the Park and Ride.)

An Briosca Mor said...

In the survey that they did earlier this season, there was a question relative to whether or not people would be willing to pay for the RFK shuttle and if so how much. Perhaps by giving out these free parking coupons for remote lots to current shuttle users they are trying to find out how many of them would be willing to park at the remote lots and walk in instead of parking at RFK and taking the bus. If enough current shuttle users prove willing to go to the remote lots instead of RFK, they may decide to just offer cheap remote parking instead of charging for an RFK shuttle. I haven't seen either of the remote lots to know how big they are or how much they're used now, but really the number of cars parked nightly at RFK is not all that great. That parking volume might could be absorbed by the remote lots, and then they wouldn't have the expense of hiring the buses.

Anonymous said...

Hi 320 and AQ--

I thought today's event was terrific.

The only downer for me was the fan who asked how long "we would have to endure Austin Kearns."

It's true Austin has not had the kind of performance in Washington that we hoped for, or he hoped for. But that guy gave 100% effort every day, every game.

It might be the best step for Austin to move to another team to try and get his game back together, but I thought it was wrong of the fan to use the microphone, on such a happy day, to insult Austin. It was wrong of the fan to do so.

All the best,


Edward J. Cunningham said...

I hope Mike Rizzo considers signing Livan Hernandez who has just been released from the Mets. I have no illusions about Livo being the pitcher he was in 1997 or even 2005, but if he isn't completely washed up, he could help out some of our younger pitchers, including Stephen Strasburg.

At the very least, it would give us fans a chance to say good-bye to him while he wore a Nats uniform.