Thursday, August 20, 2009

One More $1 Chance

Friday at 12 Noon, 1000 more $1 Tickets will be sold for Friday's Press Conference with Stephen Strasburg, NatsTown Hall Meeting with Team President Stan Kasten and, most likely, Permanent GM Mike Rizzo, then Batting Practice and the eventual game between Our Washington Nationals and The Milwaukee Brewers.

All for $1 Folks!!

Only available at The Nationals Park Box Office, not online for these final 1000 tickets==which are basically--freebies.

Final offer--One More $1 Chance. An opportunity like this is probably not coming around again for a while.

Complete details of the Friday events in yesterday's story on the promotion.


SenatorNat said...

Happy day for Nats when they name Mike Rizzo as GM - from Ted Lerner to Stan Kasten to Mike Rizzo to Jim Riggleman to Screech's Best Friend: Nats brass & biggest fan are like the platform over the Red Loft - nothing on top! Yes - in order to be included in this very select group, we do not want to see anything on the dome, save the occasional baseball cap...

I haven't seen a picture of Jerry Dipoto, who certainly thought that he had won the position, but I suspect that he may have a full head of luxurious hair and/or a large iconic baseball atop his neck.

Kidding aside, nice day for a guy who brings his proverbial lunchpail to work with him every day, and is disinclined to duke it out last evenings in South Beach with a starlet, etc. (Now, I am not saying that he may not be tempted to sport Manny dreadlocks, but only for private viewings...)

Speaking of duking it out: while Nats are anxious to pick-up solid middle infielder, wouldn't a move to pick-up a Matt Holiday type for the outfield to replace Dukes in the everyday line-up next season be more advantageous?

Presume that Rizzo cannot unload limited fielding shortstop Guz in the off-season, without picking up at least $4 million of his salary, then couldn't we just switch Guz with Gonzo (second and short) thereby strenghthening the middle and keeping a .300 hitter batting second, and a .270 hitter batting eighth?

Guz can go to his right well, towards the bag were he playing second - he can thus cheat like Belliard to his left at second base, and be effective. I think Gonzo can play adequately defensively and is more than adequate as an eighth spot hitter.

Think about our current line-up with Matt Holiday in left and Willingham manning right and Flores back. I know that Holiday is no longer available, but the point is the same - while conventional wisdom says shore up the middle, it may be that a relatively simple switching of our current second and shortstop regulars would free up $$$ to make a big play for the best available outfielder on the free agent market.

I am not sold that Dukes has made the type of progress in 2009 that can permit brass to pencil him in for .280, 15-20 HR's; 80 RBI's, etc. for 2010, and his fielding is actually suspect, too. He misplayed ball off the wall badly last night, and is unrefined running the bases.

Just a thought - I actually trust Rizzo to make the right moves based on his demeanor and his performance under fire. He will give Riggles every chance to win the job for 2010-11, too, but like Kasten, will perform some intelligent due diligence - extending well beyond Bobby Valentine, who, like Bowden, sported wigs and such in public...

Trust in a team that is building a pyramid. What a wonder.

An Briosca Mor said...

SenatorNat, George Washington was known to sport wigs in public all the time. Whereas that loser Teddy Roosevelt never did. And Nyjer Morgan does great with the shaved head look. Elijah Dukes, not so much.

My point? In a sport where the hat is on the head all the time, hair don't really tell the tale. Trust in the Dmitri 'do rag. All good.