Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Real Business Calls

Yeah, I know Our Washington Nationals lost tonight 8-1 to The Atlanta Braves, but that's just about it. This entire week, Sohna and I are away on different assignments--so there will be limited opportunity to pay attention to DC Baseball. There is just not a lot of free time on the agenda for both of us---which means there will not be many regular posts here on Nats320. We are attempting to stay abreast of everything, but that might not be possible. If something major happens--like that Strasburg guy signs--you can bet we will have some sort of comment.

Hope you understand. Real Business Calls.


SenatorNat said...

I suspect this is a ploy - that you both have been enlisted and deployed, a la John Jay, along with the Screech and that iconic baseball, to produce the XYZ Treaty for the Nats - a rational amount paid in a package deal for Strasburg. If so - Godspeed. And to paraphrase Spartan mothers, "Come back with your Strasburg - or on it!"

Trust in SBF and the African Queen. And, a Natstown that can sleep, knowing they are awake.

Edward J. Cunningham said...

Two things you need to know---first, any talk of the 2009 Nationals becoming a worse team than the 1962 Mets is dead as of tonight's victory. Next 50, then on to 63!

Finally, I found a video of the President's Race in Uniondale, NY at that Islanders game on Presidents Day. Interestingly, the announcer does not refer to them by their first names as we do at Nationals Park ("George", "Tom", "Abe", and "Teddy") but rather by their LAST names. Anyway, here's the clip: