Monday, August 10, 2009

Really Sad News

Having travelled all day out of town, worked along the way and just beginning to settle into the hotel room, and then learning that Jordan Zimmermann will have reconstructive elbow surgery on his right throwing arm didn't make for a good ending to this very long day.

We are absolutely crushed over this bad news. And when I called The African Queen to tell her, she didn't believe me. But this was no joke. The renowned Dr. James Andrews in Birmingham, Alabama confirmed what Our Washington Nationals doctors feared since late last week. JZ's sore elbow was more than just a slight strain. So now, Dr. Lewis Yochim in Los Angeles--who performed labrum surgery on Chad Cordero last year--will review the MRI results as well and offer a third opinion.

Anyway you look at this unfortunate news--it is not good. Not good for Jordan Zimmermann and his promising career. And not good for Our Washington Nationals. Now one of the brightest pitching prospects coming through our still ever revamping farm system has been lost--for not less than 18 months--most likely two complete seasons.

The news for Our Number 27 really could not have been much worse.

Sohna and I feel so badly for Jordan Zimmermann. He is a good young man, with a competitive fire that not just Washington needed on the mound every five days. But Major League Baseball--because a promising pitcher worth coming to see perform every five days has now been lost. Talent that makes any trip to a ballpark worthwhile. When you knew Jordan Zimmermann was scheduled for the mound--you knew he would always gave you his very best effort.

He never backed down. Now--Tommy John Surgery with back him down until 2011--at the earliest.

Just, really, really sad news.


Jim H said...

Really unfortunate news...and a reminder of why the uncertainty of a future at that position should temper the fever to commit every last dollar to the Nats' first round pick.

Tough news for what appears to be a quality young man.

Screech's Best Friend said...

Jim H--that's a fair point. Jordan wasn't a first round pick, but Strasburg is. Much like Mark Prior and other pitcher's before them. The question: When is the dollar amount offered and signed for too much compared to the risk taken on possible injury?

Washington needs to sign Strasburg, but they shouldn't break the bank. Jordan Zimmermann being hurt is example of how fragile any young pitcher can be.

VCUAlum Kyle said...

Really Sad News,
All of this excitement we have had regarding the Nats winning and making huge strides these past two weeks has really just be deflated knowing that our best pitching prospect is gone for pretty much 2

Two Steps forward, one step back :(

Andrew Stebbins said...

Probably not two full seasons. These days, physical recovery takes about 12 months, bringing him up to August of 2010 (I imagine they want it done ASAP), and regaining command takes another six. He SHOULD be ready for Spring training 2011...but who really knows. He might not be "right" until the middle of that year - if ever. Lets not forget Josh Johnson was a victim of Tommy John.

Anonymous said...

JZim will be one of those that gets the Tommy John surgery and will come back stronger than before.

This kid is something special. Watching him on April 20th against the Braves and then striking out David Wright 3 times on April 25th were highlights of this season.

The team is saying 12 to 18 months and obviously no need to play September of 2010 unless the Nats are gearing for a playoff run ;-)

So most likely we will see JZim in Spring Training 2011.

#27 will be missed for sure!

Jim H said...

I suppose the hopeful news is that the turnaround has happened without Zimmermann's presence. However, we do need to note that the starting pitching has been lacking during this run and we could quickly fall into another cycle due to the bullpen being overworked and the offense's hot streak cooling.

Laurie said...

We are also sad about it...wishing Jordan a successful recovery and a long career!

SenatorNat said...

Should "pre-Tommy John surgery" be named Juan Pizzaro surgery? This is absolutely devastating news, but I am pleased that the team and Zimmermann are biting the bullet now, and not dragging out the process with some form of John Pattersonesque regimen of rest, apricots, and false hope.

If Stan is in CA working on a deal for Strasburg, as reported, ("LA Confidential") then one can presume that the probability of a deal being struck is 70% or more. His reputation is sqarely on the line; otherwise, brass would have assigned Rizzo to it principally, as a hedge...

2011 could be the break-out year, in this event, as Strasburg and Zimmermann would be penciled into the rotation, joining Lannan, Olsen, and one of the "others" from among CB; CS; RD; and GM.

It should be very interesting how Nats want to play 2010 in this scenario.

The core players will not be a super young team - and Dunn, Guz (if he is not unloaded) and Willingham (?)will in their contract years. Do you economize once again, or do you push the envelope a bit by signing some relatively expensive actual players? Who plays shortstop to join the "up the middle gang" for the next five years of Florio, Gonzalez, Morgan? Is it Desmond? I think that's a reach, if so...As commented on, tough to let a natural .300 hitter go for nothing in return, but Nats seem intent on it. I would switch Guz to second with Gonzo and have him cheat into short right field a la Belliard. (Wilson not worth $6 million, as commenter points out.) We may see such a switch before the year is out, just to see if it could work for 2010.

Look for Jamie Carroll to return to Nats in 2010, in any case, to replace Belliard.

Trust in Stan never vacating. All Good.

Matthew Ward said...

From a Phillies fan:

I wish Jordan all the best. He looked really impressive the few times that I saw him. Great guy, too.

Here's to a speedy recovery!